Senate File 335 - Introduced SENATE FILE 335 BY COMMITTEE ON STATE GOVERNMENT (SUCCESSOR TO SF 67) A BILL FOR An Act relating to standards for carbon monoxide protection and 1 making penalties applicable. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 TLSB 1474SV (2) 88 ss/rn
S.F. 335 Section 1. NEW SECTION . 100.36 Carbon monoxide protection. 1 1. The fire marshal shall adopt rules regarding standards 2 relating to carbon monoxide protection in and for the 3 following locations: alcohol and drug centers, assisted 4 living facilities, congregate care facilities, group homes, 5 halfway houses, residential board and care facilities, 6 social rehabilitation facilities, foster care facilities, 7 detoxification facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, 8 psychiatric hospitals, adult day services programs, child care 9 facilities, facilities used for educational purposes through 10 the twelfth grade for at least six persons simultaneously, 11 boarding houses, congregate living facilities, hotels, 12 motels, apartment houses, convents, dormitories, fraternities, 13 sororities, live and work units, monasteries, vacation 14 timeshare properties, lodging houses, and skating rinks. 15 2. Rules of the fire marshal affecting the construction of 16 new buildings, additions to buildings, or rehabilitation of 17 existing buildings and related to carbon monoxide protection 18 shall be substantially in accord with the provisions of the 19 international fire code and international building code. 20 The fire marshal shall adopt rules as necessary to maintain 21 compliance with the most recent version of the international 22 fire code and international building code. 23 3. The fire marshal may include carbon monoxide awareness 24 in any fire awareness campaign. 25 EXPLANATION 26 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 27 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 28 This bill requires the fire marshal to adopt rules for 29 standards relating to carbon monoxide protection that 30 are consistent with the international building code and 31 international fire code. The bill also allows the fire marshal 32 to include carbon monoxide awareness in fire safety campaigns. 33 A person who violates a rule adopted by the fire marshal is 34 guilty of a simple misdemeanor. A simple misdemeanor is 35 -1- LSB 1474SV (2) 88 ss/rn 1/ 2
S.F. 335 punishable by confinement for no more than 30 days or a fine 1 of at least $65 but not more than $625 or by both. However, 2 a person who fails to remedy a violation that constitutes 3 a clear and present danger to life 30 days after receiving 4 written notice is guilty of a serious misdemeanor. A serious 5 misdemeanor is punishable by confinement for no more than one 6 year and a fine of at least $315 but not more than $1,875. 7 -2- LSB 1474SV (2) 88 ss/rn 2/ 2