Senate File 2114 - Introduced SENATE FILE 2114 BY BROWN A BILL FOR An Act relating to the granting of professional licenses, 1 certificates, and registrations to persons licensed in other 2 states. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 5103XS (2) 88 ss/rh
S.F. 2114 Section 1. Section 272C.4, subsection 13, Code 2020, is 1 amended by striking the subsection. 2 Sec. 2. NEW SECTION . 272C.12 Licensure of persons licensed 3 in other jurisdictions. 4 1. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an 5 occupational or professional license, certificate, or 6 registration shall be issued without an examination to a person 7 who establishes residency in this state or to a person who is 8 married to an active duty member of the military forces of the 9 United States and who is accompanying the member on an official 10 permanent change of station to a military installation located 11 in this state if all of the following conditions are met: 12 a. The person is currently licensed, certified, or 13 registered in at least one other state in the occupation or 14 profession applied for in the same practice and the license, 15 certificate, or registration is in good standing in all 16 states in which the person holds a license, certificate, or 17 registration. 18 b. The person has been licensed, certified, or registered in 19 another state for at least one year. 20 c. When the person became licensed, certified, or registered 21 in another state, the other state imposed minimum initial 22 education requirements and, if applicable, work experience and 23 clinical supervision requirements, and the other state verifies 24 that the person met those requirements in order to be licensed, 25 certified, or registered in that state. 26 d. The person previously passed an examination required by 27 the other state for licensure, certification, or registration, 28 if applicable. 29 e. The person has not had a license, certificate, or 30 registration revoked and has not voluntarily surrendered a 31 license, certificate, or registration in any other state or 32 country while under investigation for unprofessional conduct. 33 f. The person has not had discipline imposed by any other 34 regulating entity in this state or another state or country. 35 -1- LSB 5103XS (2) 88 ss/rh 1/ 4
S.F. 2114 If another jurisdiction has taken disciplinary action against 1 the person, the appropriate licensing board shall determine if 2 the cause for the action was corrected and the matter resolved. 3 If the licensing board determines that the matter has not been 4 resolved by the jurisdiction imposing discipline, the licensing 5 board shall not issue or deny a license, certificate, or 6 registration to the person until the matter is resolved. 7 g. The person does not have a complaint, allegation, or 8 investigation pending before any regulating entity in another 9 state or country that relates to unprofessional conduct. If 10 the person has any complaints, allegations, or investigations 11 pending, the appropriate licensing board shall not issue or 12 deny a license, certificate, or registration to the person 13 until the complaint, allegation, or investigation is resolved. 14 h. The person pays all applicable fees. 15 i. The person does not have a criminal history that would 16 prevent the person from holding the license, certificate, or 17 registration applied for in this state. 18 2. A person licensed pursuant to this section is subject to 19 the laws regulating the person’s practice in this state and is 20 subject to the jurisdiction of the appropriate licensing board. 21 3. This section does not apply to any of the following: 22 a. The ability of a licensing board to require the 23 submission of fingerprints or completion of a criminal history 24 check. 25 b. Criteria for a license, certificate, or registration that 26 is established by an interstate compact. 27 4. A license, certificate, or registration issued 28 pursuant to this section does not grant the person receiving 29 the license, certificate, or registration eligibility to 30 practice pursuant to an interstate compact. A licensing 31 board may determine eligibility for a person to hold a 32 license, certificate, or registration pursuant to this section 33 regardless of the person’s eligibility to practice pursuant to 34 an interstate compact. 35 -2- LSB 5103XS (2) 88 ss/rh 2/ 4
S.F. 2114 EXPLANATION 1 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 2 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 3 This bill relates to occupational or professional license, 4 certificate, or registration reciprocity in Iowa. The 5 bill requires that a professional or occupational license, 6 certificate, or registration be issued to a person without an 7 examination if 1) that person establishes residency in Iowa 8 or 2) that person is married to an active duty member of the 9 military forces and is accompanying the member on an official 10 permanent change of station to a military installation in Iowa. 11 In order to receive a reciprocal license, certificate, 12 or registration under the bill, a person must meet certain 13 requirements. The person must: be currently licensed, 14 certified, or registered in the occupation or profession 15 applied for in the same practice, in at least one other 16 state, and in good standing in all states in which the 17 person is licensed, certified, or registered; have been 18 licensed, certified, or registered in another state for 19 at least one year; have met minimum educational and work 20 requirements required by the licensing state; have passed any 21 applicable examination; not have had a license, certificate, 22 or registration revoked for unprofessional conduct, or 23 surrendered a license, certificate, or registration while 24 under investigation for such conduct; not have been subject 25 to professional discipline from a regulating entity in any 26 jurisdiction unless the appropriate licensing board determines 27 that the issue has been resolved; not currently be subject to 28 investigation for unprofessional conduct; pay all applicable 29 fees; and not have a disqualifying criminal history. 30 A person who receives a reciprocal license, certificate, 31 or registration becomes subject to the laws regulating the 32 profession or occupation in Iowa and to the jurisdiction of 33 the appropriate licensing board regulating the profession or 34 occupation in Iowa. A licensing board may require an applicant 35 -3- LSB 5103XS (2) 88 ss/rh 3/ 4
S.F. 2114 for a reciprocal license to submit fingerprints and may perform 1 a criminal history check. A reciprocal license does not grant 2 a person eligibility to practice pursuant an interstate compact 3 or affect the eligibility of a person to practice in Iowa under 4 an interstate compact. 5 -4- LSB 5103XS (2) 88 ss/rh 4/ 4