Senate File 134 - Introduced SENATE FILE 134 BY KINNEY A BILL FOR An Act providing for persons serving as public members on the 1 Iowa board of veterinary medicine. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 TLSB 1346XS (5) 88 da/rn
S.F. 134 Section 1. Section 169.5, subsection 1, Code 2019, is 1 amended to read as follows: 2 1. a. The governor shall appoint, subject to confirmation 3 by the senate pursuant to section 2.32 , a board of five 4 individuals, three of whom shall be licensed veterinarians 5 and two of whom shall not be licensed veterinarians and shall 6 represent the general public. The board shall be known as the 7 Iowa board of veterinary medicine. 8 b. Each appointed licensed veterinarian board member 9 shall be actively engaged in veterinary medicine and 10 shall must have been so engaged for a period of five years 11 immediately preceding appointment, the last two of which 12 shall must have been in Iowa. The representatives Each 13 appointed representative of the general public shall must 14 be knowledgeable in the area of animal husbandry. The 15 representative must not have ever been licensed, certified, 16 registered, or subject to disciplinary action under this 17 chapter. The representative must not have otherwise ever 18 been subject to regulation by the board, including as a 19 veterinarian, veterinary technician, or veterinary assistant. 20 c. A member of the board shall not be employed by or nor 21 have any material or financial interest in any wholesale or 22 jobbing house dealing in supplies, equipment, or instruments 23 used or useful in the practice of veterinary medicine. 24 c. d. Professional associations or societies Any 25 organization composed of licensed veterinarians may recommend 26 to the governor the names of licensed veterinarians to serve 27 as potential board members to . Any organization composed of 28 persons interested in animal husbandry may recommend to the 29 governor the names of potential board members representing the 30 general public. However, the governor , but the governor is not 31 bound by the recommendations required to make an appointment 32 based on a recommendation . 33 Sec. 2. TERMS OF MEMBERS OF THE IOWA BOARD OF VETERINARY 34 MEDICINE. This Act’s amendments to section 169.5 shall not 35 -1- LSB 1346XS (5) 88 da/rn 1/ 2
S.F. 134 affect the current terms of representatives of public members 1 appointed prior to the effective date of this Act. However, 2 a representative who does not meet the requirements of those 3 amendments is not eligible for reappointment. 4 EXPLANATION 5 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 6 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 7 This bill amends provisions in Code chapter 169 relating 8 to the appointment of public members to the Iowa board 9 of veterinary medicine. The bill provides that a public 10 member cannot have ever been associated with the practice of 11 veterinary medicine by being licensed, certified, registered, 12 or subject to disciplinary action under that Code chapter. The 13 public members cannot have ever been authorized to act under 14 the supervision of the board as a veterinarian, veterinary 15 technician, or veterinary assistant. The bill also provides 16 that organizations representing persons interested in animal 17 husbandry may recommend appointments of public members to the 18 governor in the same manner as organizations representing 19 licensed veterinarians may recommend appointments of licensed 20 veterinarians. The bill does not affect the current terms of 21 public members. 22 -2- LSB 1346XS (5) 88 da/rn 2/ 2