House Resolution 9 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 9 BY BRECKENRIDGE A Resolution honoring and congratulating Andee Joos 1 for her volunteer service and for receiving a 2019 2 Prudential Spirit of Community Award. 3 WHEREAS, since 1995, Prudential Financial and the 4 National Association of Secondary School Principals 5 honor outstanding young volunteers on an annual basis, 6 whose school or community volunteer projects merit 7 special recognition as examples of outstanding civic 8 initiatives; and 9 WHEREAS, Ms. Andee Joos, a resident of Mingo and a 10 student at Baxter High School, has achieved national 11 recognition for exemplary volunteer service and 12 community initiatives by being named a Distinguished 13 Finalist for the 2019 Prudential Spirit of Community 14 Awards; and 15 WHEREAS, Ms. Joos earned this award by generously 16 giving time and energy to originate an effort to 17 collect and transport unsold but still viable produce 18 and bakery items from her local grocery store to the 19 Carlisle High School community pantry and by collecting 20 $5,000 since 2015 to fight hunger through CROP Hunger 21 Walk fundraising; and 22 WHEREAS, Ms. Joos is furthering her community 23 efforts with her most recent initiative by organizing 24 volunteers to make deliveries to the community food 25 pantry, thereby enriching the food options available to 26 persons in need while reducing food waste; and 27 WHEREAS, the strength of our communities relies, in 28 -1- LSB 2577YH (3) 88 md/rn 1/ 2
H.R. 9 great measure, upon the dedication of people like Ms. 1 Joos who use their considerable talents and resources 2 to serve others; NOW THEREFORE, 3 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, 4 That the House of Representatives hereby honors and 5 congratulates Ms. Joos as a recipient of a Prudential 6 Spirit of Community Award, recognizes her outstanding 7 record of volunteer service and community spirit. 8 -2- LSB 2577YH (3) 88 md/rn 2/ 2