House Resolution 27 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 27 BY ISENHART , THEDE , OURTH , JACOBY , McKEAN , STAED , FORBES , BENNETT , KRESSIG , DONAHUE , KURTZ , KURTH , KACENA , GASKILL , HUNTER , MASCHER , ANDERSON , WINCKLER , LENSING , COHOON , WOLFE , WILLIAMS , STECKMAN , McCONKEY , JAMES , OLSON , SUNDE , DERRY , MATSON , WESSEL-KROESCHELL , BROWN-POWERS , HEDDENS , GAINES , EHLERT , KONFRST , B. MEYER , OLDSON , and HALL A Resolution of the Iowa General Assembly, on the 1 occasion of Earth Day, 2019, recognizing the threat 2 of climate change and committing to necessary 3 and appropriate legislative action to improve 4 air quality, combat climate change, mitigate its 5 effects, and position our economy for sustainable 6 growth and job creation. 7 WHEREAS, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate 8 Change has found that warming of the global climate 9 system is “unequivocal”; and 10 WHEREAS, there is “no convincing alternative 11 explanation” for changes in the climate other than 12 “human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse 13 gases” based on the most recent findings of the U.S. 14 Global Change Research Program; and 15 WHEREAS, research shows that climate change has 16 a demonstrated impact on human health and safety, 17 including more natural disasters and greater extreme 18 weather, causing damage to the Earth’s ecosystems, 19 social systems, and infrastructure; increased 20 risks of disease; as well as expanded range and 21 distribution of disease-carrying insects; all with 22 -1- LSB 2823YH (10) 88 as/rn 1/ 3
H.R. 27 the potential to prompt mass human migrations and 1 political destabilization that can threaten national 2 security; and 3 WHEREAS, the United States economy will decrease by 4 10 percent by the end of the 21st century according to 5 the U.S. Global Change Research Program, if significant 6 steps are not taken to address and reduce atmospheric 7 warming; and 8 WHEREAS, Iowa would be particularly impacted by crop 9 failures, disruptions in supply chains, and a reduction 10 in agricultural yields due to rising temperatures, 11 severe weather, flooding, extreme heat, wildfires, and 12 drought; and 13 WHEREAS, Iowa, producing the most corn and soybeans 14 in the United States, could experience a 25 percent 15 reduction in yields by the middle of the 21st century, 16 a severe threat to the state’s economy; and 17 WHEREAS, since 2011, research scientists and 18 educators from virtually every college and university 19 in Iowa have produced or signed on to eight annual 20 statements calling attention to climate impacts 21 on the health of Iowans, the threat of increasing 22 humidity, the dangers of drought, the multiple 23 benefits of climate-smart agriculture, as well as 24 designing buildings and communities for the future; NOW 25 THEREFORE, 26 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That 27 the United States Congress, Iowa General Assembly, and 28 the Governor of Iowa commit to taking necessary and 29 appropriate steps to mitigate and prevent the impacts 30 -2- LSB 2823YH (10) 88 as/rn 2/ 3
H.R. 27 of climate change; and 1 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Iowa General 2 Assembly is committed to enacting state climate policy 3 to plan for and achieve reduction in greenhouse gas 4 emissions through a legislative climate action plan 5 to meet these goals, as well as to advance a robust, 6 sustainable economy marked by the expansion of green, 7 clean energy jobs; and 8 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Iowa General 9 Assembly is committed to establishing ambitious 10 clean renewable energy goals, timelines, incentives, 11 measurements, and public reporting; and 12 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Iowa General 13 Assembly is committed to increasing energy efficiency 14 by setting targets for energy producers and users to 15 reduce costs and prevent energy waste; and 16 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Iowa General 17 Assembly encourages educational institutions, 18 public jurisdictions, and other entities to provide 19 critical research, educate the public, and engage in 20 collaborative projects to achieve net zero greenhouse 21 gas emissions as well as to support families and 22 individuals in taking personal responsibility by 23 developing climate-aware lifestyles, habits, and 24 practices. 25 -3- LSB 2823YH (10) 88 as/rn 3/ 3