House Resolution 12 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 12 BY LOHSE A Resolution honoring and congratulating Stephen M. 1 Lacy upon his retirement as Executive Chairman of 2 Meredith Corporation. 3 WHEREAS, Stephen M. Lacy joined Des Moines-based 4 Meredith Corporation as Chief Financial Officer in 5 1998 and soon advanced into an operating role at 6 the company, heading its digital, broadcasting, and 7 publishing groups; and 8 WHEREAS, Mr. Lacy was named President and Chief 9 Executive Officer of Meredith Corporation in 2006, 10 became Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2009, and 11 has served as Executive Chairman of the company since 12 January of 2018; and 13 WHEREAS, under Mr. Lacy’s leadership, Meredith 14 Corporation acquired many familiar national media 15 brands such as Allrecipes, SHAPE, and Martha Stewart 16 Living, and rapidly expanded its brand licensing and 17 marketing services activities; and 18 WHEREAS, during Mr. Lacy’s 21-year tenure at 19 Meredith Corporation, the company’s revenues doubled 20 and profits more than tripled; and 21 WHEREAS, Mr. Lacy spearheaded Meredith Corporation’s 22 acquisition of Time Inc., transforming the company 23 into a media powerhouse with the leading media brands 24 in the pop culture, celebrity and entertainment, 25 food, fashion, lifestyle, news, business and finance, 26 and sports content areas with 60 million active 27 subscribers, and a top 10 digital industry player with 28 -1- LSB 2781YH (2) 88 gh/rn 1/ 3
H.R. 12 170 million visitors each month; and 1 WHEREAS, Mr. Lacy was instrumental in establishing 2 Meredith Corporation as the nation’s foremost 3 multiplatform media and marketing services company, 4 reaching nearly 200 million American consumers each 5 month, including over 80 percent of U.S. millennial 6 women; and 7 WHEREAS, throughout his time at Meredith 8 Corporation, Mr. Lacy actively promoted Iowa as a 9 leading state for business and committed to maintaining 10 the company’s corporate headquarters in Des Moines, the 11 birthplace of Meredith Corporation’s Successful Farming 12 magazine; and 13 WHEREAS, Mr. Lacy has extensively given back to 14 the local community, serving as board chairman or in 15 another leadership capacity for United Way of Central 16 Iowa, the Greater Des Moines Partnership, the Community 17 Foundation of Greater Des Moines, the Des Moines 18 Redevelopment Corporation, the Greater Des Moines 19 Leadership Institute, Junior Achievement, the American 20 Red Cross, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Easter Seals, and 21 the Dowling Catholic High School Foundation; and 22 WHEREAS, upon his retirement from Meredith 23 Corporation as Executive Chairman, Mr. Lacy will 24 continue to serve the company in a nonexecutive 25 capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors; NOW 26 THEREFORE, 27 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That 28 the House of Representatives congratulates Stephen 29 M. Lacy upon his retirement as Executive Chairman of 30 -2- LSB 2781YH (2) 88 gh/rn 2/ 3
H.R. 12 Meredith Corporation and extends its gratitude to 1 him for his outstanding contributions to the state of 2 Iowa, his devotion to the local community, and his 3 exceptional leadership of Meredith Corporation. 4 -3- LSB 2781YH (2) 88 gh/rn 3/ 3