House File 716 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 716 BY COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SAFETY (SUCCESSOR TO HF 179) A BILL FOR An Act relating to firearms requirements for hunting deer. 1 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 2 TLSB 1881HV (2) 88 js/rn
H.F. 716 Section 1. Section 455A.5, Code 2019, is amended by adding 1 the following new subsection: 2 NEW SUBSECTION . 7. For purposes of adopting rules, the 3 commission shall define and categorize firearms in a manner 4 fully consistent with the definitions established in 18 U.S.C. 5 §921 and 27 C.F.R. §478.11. 6 Sec. 2. Section 481A.48, subsections 5 and 6, Code 2019, are 7 amended to read as follows: 8 5. The commission shall establish one or more pistol 9 or revolver seasons for hunting deer as separate firearm 10 seasons or to coincide with one or more other firearm deer 11 hunting seasons. Any pistol or revolver firing a magnum 12 three hundred fifty-seven thousandths of one inch caliber or 13 larger, centerfire, straight wall ammunition propelling an 14 expanding-type bullet with a barrel length of at least four 15 inches and firing straight wall or other centerfire ammunition 16 propelling an expanding-type bullet with a maximum diameter of 17 no less than three hundred fifty thousandths of one inch and 18 no larger than five hundred thousandths of one inch and with 19 a published or calculated muzzle energy of five hundred foot 20 pounds or higher is legal for hunting deer during the pistol or 21 revolver seasons. The commission shall adopt rules to allow 22 black powder pistols or revolvers for hunting deer. The rules 23 shall not allow pistols or revolvers with shoulder stock or 24 long-barrel modifications. The barrel length of a pistol or 25 revolver used for deer hunting shall be at least four inches. 26 The rules may limit types of ammunition projectiles . A person 27 who is sixteen twenty years of age or less shall not hunt deer 28 with a pistol or revolver unless that person is accompanied and 29 under direct supervision throughout the hunt by a responsible 30 person with a valid hunting license who is at least twenty-one 31 years of age, with the consent of a parent, guardian, or spouse 32 who is at least twenty-one years of age, pursuant to section 33 724.22, subsection 5 . A person possessing a prohibited pistol 34 or revolver while hunting deer commits a scheduled violation 35 -1- LSB 1881HV (2) 88 js/rn 1/ 3
H.F. 716 under section 805.8B, subsection 3 , paragraph “h” , subparagraph 1 (5). 2 6. The commission shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A 3 allowing the use of straight wall cartridge rifles to hunt deer 4 as follows: 5 a. A straight wall cartridge rifle may be used to hunt deer 6 during youth and disabled deer hunting season and first and 7 second shotgun deer hunting seasons by a person who has a valid 8 deer hunting license and is otherwise qualified to hunt. 9 b. A straight wall cartridge rifle that is allowed pursuant 10 to this subsection shall be of the same caliber and use the 11 same straight wall or other ammunition as is allowed for 12 use in a pistol or revolver for hunting deer as provided in 13 subsection 5 . In addition, the commission shall provide, by 14 rule, for the use of straight wall or other ammunition under 15 this subsection that meets ballistics specifications similar to 16 the requirements for straight wall or other ammunition allowed 17 for use in a pistol or revolver for hunting deer as provided in 18 subsection 5 . 19 c. A person possessing a prohibited rifle while hunting deer 20 commits a scheduled violation under section 805.8B, subsection 21 3 , paragraph “h” , subparagraph (6). In addition, the hunting 22 privileges of a person convicted of possessing a prohibited 23 rifle while hunting deer shall be suspended for two years. 24 EXPLANATION 25 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 26 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 27 Current law requires the natural resource commission to 28 establish rules that prohibit the use of pistols and revolvers 29 with shoulder stock or long-barrel modifications when hunting 30 deer. Current law also prohibits a person under the age of 16 31 from hunting deer with a pistol or revolver. 32 This bill requires the commission to define and categorize 33 firearms to be consistent with federal definitions, and 34 modifies current provisions to reflect consistency with federal 35 -2- LSB 1881HV (2) 88 js/rn 2/ 3
H.F. 716 definitions. The bill also allows a person 20 years of age or 1 less to hunt using a pistol or revolver if the person is under 2 direct supervision of a person who is at least 21 years of age 3 with a valid hunting license, and has consent from a parent, 4 guardian, or spouse who is at least 21 years of age. 5 -3- LSB 1881HV (2) 88 js/rn 3/ 3