House Concurrent Resolution 13 - Introduced HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 13 BY JACOBSEN A Concurrent Resolution congratulating Google on its 1 ten-year anniversary in the State of Iowa. 2 WHEREAS, in 2009, Google’s Council Bluffs’ data 3 center officially opened for business and is now, with 4 its collective facilities, Google’s largest global data 5 center; and 6 WHEREAS, Google has invested more than $2.5 billion 7 in its Iowa facilities and now employs more than 400 8 people in the facilities; and 9 WHEREAS, in the past 10 years, Google has awarded 10 more than $1.1 million to local schools and nonprofits 11 in Iowa, granted nearly $400,000 to the Council 12 Bluffs School District, and provided hardware such as 13 Chromebooks for area students; and 14 WHEREAS, true to the mission of accessibility, 15 Google partnered with the City of Council Bluffs to 16 launch a free community Wi-Fi network that will be one 17 of the largest community Wi-Fi networks in the country 18 once completed; and 19 WHEREAS, Google helps Iowa organizations 20 learn digital skills necessary to grow in today’s 21 technology-driven economy, providing $899 million in 22 economic activity for Iowa businesses and nonprofits 23 in 2017 alone, training thousands of Iowans over 24 the last 10 years, and helping Iowa businesses make 25 their products more readily available to customers 26 worldwide; and 27 WHEREAS, Google’s mission is to organize the world’s 28 -1- LSB 2803HH (2) 88 as/rn 1/ 2
H.C.R. 13 information and make it universally accessible and 1 useful; NOW THEREFORE, 2 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, 3 THE SENATE CONCURRING, That the Iowa General 4 Assembly congratulates Google and its employees for 5 its continued commitment to the State of Iowa and 6 leadership in preparing Iowans to expand their skills, 7 careers, and businesses. 8 -2- LSB 2803HH (2) 88 as/rn 2/ 2