Senate Study Bill 3035 - Introduced SENATE/HOUSE FILE _____ BY (PROPOSED DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS BILL) A BILL FOR An Act relating to inmate reading rooms in correctional 1 institutions. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 TLSB 5240DP (2) 87 jm/rh
S.F. _____ H.F. _____ Section 1. Section 904.310A, Code 2018, is amended by 1 striking the section and inserting in lieu thereof the 2 following: 3 904.310A Information or materials —— distribution. 4 1. Funds appropriated to the department or other funds made 5 available to the department shall not be used to distribute 6 or make available any commercially published information or 7 material to an inmate when such information or material is 8 sexually explicit or features nudity. 9 2. The department shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A 10 to administer this section. 11 EXPLANATION 12 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 13 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 14 This bill relates to inmate reading rooms in correctional 15 institutions. 16 The bill strikes a provision requiring the director of the 17 department of corrections to provide, as necessary, suitable 18 space for reading material for inmates. Additionally, the 19 bill prohibits the department of corrections from using 20 any appropriated funds or other funds made available to the 21 department to distribute or make available any commercially 22 published information or material to an inmate that is sexually 23 explicit or features nudity. 24 Currently, the reading material provided by the department 25 of corrections shall not include sexually explicit material 26 which the average person, taking the material as a whole and 27 applying contemporary community standards with respect to 28 what is suitable material for inmates, would find appeals 29 to the prurient interest and is patently offensive; and the 30 material, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, scientific, 31 political, or artistic value. Current law also provides that 32 the space for reading material shall be located in a place 33 where visitors to the institution are not able to view the 34 reading space or materials. 35 -1- LSB 5240DP (2) 87 jm/rh 1/ 1