Senate Resolution 10 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 10 BY TAYLOR A Resolution recognizing February 17, 2017, as the 1 175th anniversary of Iowa Wesleyan University. 2 WHEREAS, in the 1840s, the frontier community 3 of Mount Pleasant was zealous for culture and 4 concerned for the educated person, and the Territorial 5 Legislature, being aware of the need for schools, on 6 February 17, 1842, granted a charter for the Mount 7 Pleasant Literary Institute in Henry County; and 8 WHEREAS, one year later, on or before March 8, 1843, 9 twenty-six men from Mount Pleasant signed Articles 10 of Association for the purpose of erecting the Mount 11 Pleasant Collegiate Institute, under the charge of the 12 Methodist Episcopal Church; and 13 WHEREAS, Iowa Wesleyan University proudly continues 14 its affiliation with the United Methodist Church and is 15 recognized as Iowa’s first independent, faith-based, 16 coeducational institution of higher learning and one 17 of the oldest of its type west of the Mississippi 18 River; and 19 WHEREAS, today, Iowa Wesleyan University has grown 20 into a top-tier university in the Midwest region of 21 the United States and serves students of all ages 22 and cultures and provides numerous educational, 23 cultural, and athletic opportunities for personal and 24 professional growth; and 25 WHEREAS, Mount Pleasant, along with the state 26 of Iowa, is home to its university of 175 years and 27 proudly celebrates the incredible and lasting legacy of 28 -1- LSB 2100SS (2) 87 hb/nh 1/ 2
S.R. 10 one of the nation’s most historic universities; and 1 WHEREAS, Iowa Wesleyan University is an innovator 2 among private colleges in embracing the expansion of 3 quality, flexible graduate and professional programs 4 as a way to meet our economy’s need for an ever more 5 sophisticated and well-prepared workforce in the region 6 of southeast Iowa and beyond; NOW THEREFORE, 7 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate 8 recognizes February 17, 2017, as the 175th anniversary 9 of Iowa Wesleyan University. 10 -2- LSB 2100SS (2) 87 hb/nh 2/ 2