House Resolution 105 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 105 BY HANUSA A Resolution to recognize the Iowa Small Business 1 Development Centers and honor 2018 award winners. 2 WHEREAS, since 1981, the Iowa Small Business 3 Development Centers have provided expert and 4 confidential business counseling services and training 5 workshops to entrepreneurs in all 99 Iowa counties; and 6 WHEREAS, the Iowa Small Business Development Centers 7 provide a wide variety of services to foster the growth 8 of Iowa business, including one-to-one professional 9 business counseling, learning opportunities, 10 workshops, courses and classes, and a variety of other 11 services; and 12 WHEREAS, the Iowa Small Business Development Centers 13 have announced the 2018 award winners for the centers’ 14 two special entrepreneur awards; and 15 WHEREAS, Doreen Roy of Burlington, the owner of 16 The Wholesome Basket, Gypsi, and Red Screen Door, is 17 the 2018 Deb Dalziel Woman Entrepreneur Achievement 18 Award winner, an award which honors an Iowa woman 19 entrepreneur who has significantly changed or improved 20 her life and the lives of others; and 21 WHEREAS, Brad and Angie Barber of Clear Lake, the 22 owners of Cabin Coffee, have received the 2018 Neal 23 Smith Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an award named in 24 honor of the long-serving Iowa congressman, given to an 25 Iowa entrepreneur who has been in business a minimum of 26 three years and has been significantly assisted by an 27 Iowa Small Business Development Center; NOW THEREFORE, 28 -1- LSB 6212HH (2) 87 hb/rj 1/ 2
H.R. 105 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, 1 That the House of Representatives honors award winners 2 Doreen Roy and Brad and Angie Barber, congratulates 3 them on their success, and recognizes and expresses its 4 thanks to the Iowa Small Business Development Centers 5 for their ongoing work in making Iowa a better place 6 to live and work. 7 -2- LSB 6212HH (2) 87 hb/rj 2/ 2