House File 2034 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 2034 BY M. SMITH A BILL FOR An Act concerning the release and publication of the federal 1 income tax returns of candidates for president of the United 2 States as a condition for placement on the ballot. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 5134YH (4) 87 ss/rj
H.F. 2034 Section 1. Section 54.5, Code 2018, is amended by adding the 1 following new subsection: 2 NEW SUBSECTION . 4. a. The name of a candidate for 3 president of the United States shall not be printed on the 4 ballot unless, not later than fifty days before the general 5 election, the candidate files with the secretary of state a 6 copy of the candidate’s federal income tax returns, as is 7 defined in section 6103(b)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code, 8 for at least the five most recent taxable years for which the 9 candidate has filed such a return with the Internal Revenue 10 Service. 11 b. The candidate shall provide written consent to the 12 secretary of state, in such form as the secretary of state 13 shall prescribe, for the public disclosure of income tax 14 returns. The secretary of state shall post income tax returns 15 filed pursuant to this subsection on the internet site of the 16 secretary of state no later than seven days after the candidate 17 has filed the income tax returns with the secretary of state. 18 c. Prior to making public any income tax return filed 19 pursuant to this subsection, the secretary of state, in 20 consultation with the attorney general, shall redact any 21 information that the secretary of state deems necessary. 22 EXPLANATION 23 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 24 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 25 This bill requires all candidates for president of the 26 United States to file with the secretary of state their five 27 most recent federal income tax returns, along with consent 28 allowing for their publication. Any candidate who fails to 29 do so shall not be placed on the presidential ballot in Iowa. 30 The bill also requires the secretary of state to publish such 31 income tax returns within seven days, after having redacted 32 certain information deemed necessary by the secretary of state 33 and the attorney general. 34 -1- LSB 5134YH (4) 87 ss/rj 1/ 1