House File 2005 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 2005 BY MASCHER A BILL FOR An Act requiring school districts to expand human growth and 1 development coursework to include instruction regarding 2 organ and tissue donation. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 5081YH (2) 87 kh/rj
H.F. 2005 Section 1. Section 279.50, subsection 2, Code 2018, is 1 amended to read as follows: 2 2. Each school board shall provide age-appropriate and 3 research-based instruction in human growth and development 4 including instruction regarding human sexuality, self-esteem, 5 stress management, organ and tissue donation, interpersonal 6 relationships, domestic abuse, HPV and the availability of a 7 vaccine to prevent HPV, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome 8 as required in section 256.11 , in grades one through twelve. 9 Sec. 2. STATE MANDATE FUNDING SPECIFIED. In accordance 10 with section 25B.2, subsection 3, the state cost of requiring 11 compliance with any state mandate included in this Act shall 12 be paid by a school district from state school foundation aid 13 received by the school district under section 257.16. This 14 specification of the payment of the state cost shall be deemed 15 to meet all of the state funding-related requirements of 16 section 25B.2, subsection 3, and no additional state funding 17 shall be necessary for the full implementation of this Act 18 by and enforcement of this Act against all affected school 19 districts. 20 EXPLANATION 21 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 22 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 23 This bill requires each school district to include 24 instruction regarding organ and tissue donation as part of the 25 district’s human growth and development coursework. 26 The bill may include a state mandate as defined in Code 27 section 25B.3. The bill requires that the state cost of 28 any state mandate included in the bill be paid by a school 29 district from state school foundation aid received by the 30 school district under Code section 257.16. The specification 31 is deemed to constitute state compliance with any state mandate 32 funding-related requirements of Code section 25B.2. The 33 inclusion of this specification is intended to reinstate the 34 requirement of political subdivisions to comply with any state 35 -1- LSB 5081YH (2) 87 kh/rj 1/ 2
H.F. 2005 mandates included in the bill. 1 -2- LSB 5081YH (2) 87 kh/rj 2/ 2