Senate Resolution 36 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 36 BY DVORSKY A Resolution honoring the City of Tipton on its 1 quartoseptcentennial. 2 WHEREAS, in 1840, a new Iowa town was platted at the 3 exact geographic center of Cedar County, resulting from 4 the desire of county residents for a more central seat 5 of county government; and 6 WHEREAS, this location was selected by three 7 commissioners appointed by the Iowa Territorial 8 Legislature; and 9 WHEREAS, according to lore, the new town and future 10 county seat was named Tipton in honor of General John 11 Tipton of Indiana, a farmer, military leader, and 12 legislator; and 13 WHEREAS, the county government was moved to the 14 newly platted community later that same year, and 15 government functions for Cedar County have been seated 16 there since before Iowa statehood; and 17 WHEREAS, for the purpose of celebrating the 175th 18 anniversary of its founding, Tipton will hold a 19 four-day “Tipton 175 Celebration” on July 2-5 of this 20 year to honor the unique and significant history of 21 the community as the center of commerce, trade, and 22 government in Cedar County; and 23 WHEREAS, the festivities of the Tipton 175 24 Celebration will include the Mayor’s Picnic, music, 25 fireworks, contests and tournaments, the unsealing of 26 a time capsule, and both standard Fourth of July and 27 pet parades; NOW THEREFORE, 28 -1- LSB 2664SS (2) 86 aw/nh 1/ 2
S.R. 36 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate hereby 1 honors and commemorates the founding of the City 2 of Tipton and encourages all Iowans and visitors to 3 the state to celebrate the city’s founding with the 4 residents of Tipton. 5 -2- LSB 2664SS (2) 86 aw/nh 2/ 2