Senate Resolution 30 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 30 BY BISIGNANO A Resolution recognizing the 50th anniversary of the 1 Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965. 2 WHEREAS, in the early 1960s, University of Iowa 3 College of Law Professor Arthur Bonfield worked to 4 persuade Iowa lawmakers that new, comprehensive state 5 civil rights legislation was necessary and drafted a 6 civil rights bill in December 1964 for introduction in 7 the Iowa General Assembly the following year; and 8 WHEREAS, the bill was transmitted to Donald Boles, a 9 member of the Governor’s Commission on Human Relations, 10 who successfully enlisted the support of Governor 11 Harold Hughes, who was instrumental in having the bill 12 introduced in the legislature; and 13 WHEREAS, under the leadership of Senator John Ely 14 and Representative Roy Gillette, the Iowa General 15 Assembly passed unanimously the Iowa Civil Rights Act 16 of 1965, which Governor Hughes signed into law on April 17 29, 1965; and 18 WHEREAS, effective May 6, 1965, the Iowa Civil 19 Rights Act of 1965 prohibited discrimination in the 20 areas of employment and public accommodations on the 21 basis of several protected personal characteristics 22 including race, color, national origin, creed, or 23 religion, as well as retaliation against those who 24 sought to enforce their rights or aided others in doing 25 so; and 26 WHEREAS, the Iowa General Assembly and the Governor, 27 by enacting the Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965, 28 -1- LSB 2641SS (2) 86 tr/rj 1/ 2
S.R. 30 created and empowered the Iowa Civil Rights Commission 1 to enforce the Act’s provisions and eliminate 2 discrimination in the State of Iowa; and 3 WHEREAS, the Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965 has been 4 amended to prohibit discrimination in the areas of 5 housing, credit, and education and to add age, sex, 6 sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, 7 familial status, and disability as protected personal 8 characteristics; and 9 WHEREAS, the 50th anniversary of the Iowa Civil 10 Rights Act of 1965 truly represents 50 years of a 11 higher quality of life through equality in the State 12 of Iowa; and 13 WHEREAS, great strides have been made in eliminating 14 discrimination in Iowa, but more work and even greater 15 strides must be made to ensure that all workplaces, 16 educational settings, and places of accommodation and 17 housing are free of unlawful discrimination; and 18 WHEREAS, the Senate should celebrate and inform all 19 Iowans of the history of the Iowa Civil Rights Act of 20 1965 and reinvigorate Iowans to continue to fight to 21 end discrimination; NOW THEREFORE, 22 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate honors 23 and recognizes the importance of the adoption of the 24 Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965 in ensuring equality and 25 freedom in this state and recognizes and commends all 26 of those individuals who made that possible. 27 -2- LSB 2641SS (2) 86 tr/rj 2/ 2