Senate File 444 - Introduced SENATE FILE 444 BY COMMITTEE ON STATE GOVERNMENT (SUCCESSOR TO SSB 1257) A BILL FOR An Act relating to emergency services by conducting a study 1 concerning modernization, reform, and regionalization of 2 financing, education and training of providers, reporting 3 requirements, tax credits for personnel, governance reform, 4 and governing boards and commissions. 5 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 6 TLSB 2595SV (1) 86 ad/sc
S.F. 444 Section 1. STUDY ON EMERGENCY SERVICES. 1 1. The department of public health, in consultation with 2 other agencies as the department deems appropriate, shall 3 study the condition of emergency services in the state. 4 The department of public health shall consider and make 5 recommendations on all of the following: 6 a. A method for modernizing, reforming, and regionalizing 7 the financing of emergency services to ensure adequate 8 resources for the provision of emergency services. 9 b. A method by which to provide a comprehensive approach 10 to emergency services training and education to ensure 11 standardization and support. 12 c. A method by which to streamline reporting requirements 13 for emergency medical services providers. 14 d. The adequacy of the volunteer fire fighter and volunteer 15 emergency medical services personnel tax credit and whether 16 another method of incenting Iowans is needed to ensure 17 financial rewards and encourage more Iowans to consider 18 emergency services positions. 19 e. A method for providing an alternate governance structure 20 with an option for regional emergency services delivery. 21 f. The current state boards and commissions and whether the 22 emergency services community is adequately represented with 23 other public safety professionals. 24 2. The department of public health shall submit a report 25 regarding the findings and recommendations resulting from the 26 study to the general assembly by December 15, 2015. 27 EXPLANATION 28 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 29 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 30 This bill relates to emergency services by requiring the 31 department of public health to conduct a study concerning 32 modernization, reform, and regionalization of financing 33 for emergency services, education and training of emergency 34 services providers, reporting requirements, tax credits for 35 -1- LSB 2595SV (1) 86 ad/sc 1/ 2
S.F. 444 personnel, governance reform, and current governing boards and 1 commissions. The bill requires the department of public health 2 to submit a report of its findings and recommendations to the 3 general assembly by December 15, 2015. 4 -2- LSB 2595SV (1) 86 ad/sc 2/ 2