Senate File 2203 - Introduced SENATE FILE 2203 BY CHELGREN A BILL FOR An Act relating to participation in extracurricular activities 1 in the school district of residence by pupils who open 2 enroll to receive educational instruction and course content 3 primarily over the internet. 4 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 5 TLSB 5042XS (6) 86 kh/sc
S.F. 2203 Section 1. Section 282.18, subsection 7, Code 2016, is 1 amended to read as follows: 2 7. a. A pupil participating in open enrollment shall be 3 counted, for state school foundation aid purposes, in the 4 pupil’s district of residence. A pupil’s residence, for 5 purposes of this section , means a residence under section 6 282.1 . 7 b. (1) The board of directors of the district of residence 8 shall pay to the receiving district the state cost per pupil 9 for the previous school year, and the teacher leadership 10 supplement state cost per pupil for the previous fiscal year 11 as provided in section 257.9 , plus any moneys received for 12 the pupil as a result of the non-English speaking weighting 13 under section 280.4, subsection 3 , for the previous school 14 year multiplied by the state cost per pupil for the previous 15 year. If the pupil participating in open enrollment is also 16 an eligible pupil under section 261E.6 , the receiving district 17 shall pay the tuition reimbursement amount to an eligible 18 postsecondary institution as provided in section 261E.7 . 19 (2) If a pupil participates in an extracurricular activity 20 in accordance with subsection 11A, the district of residence 21 may deduct an activity fee from the amount calculated in 22 subparagraph (1). The amount of an activity fee shall not 23 exceed the lesser of the actual cost of providing the activity 24 to the pupil or fifteen percent of the state cost per pupil for 25 the previous school year. 26 Sec. 2. Section 282.18, Code 2016, is amended by adding the 27 following new subsection: 28 NEW SUBSECTION . 11A. A pupil participating in open 29 enrollment for purposes of receiving educational instruction 30 and course content primarily over the internet in accordance 31 with section 256.7, subsection 32, paragraph “c” , may 32 participate in any extracurricular activities offered to 33 children in the pupil’s grade or group and sponsored by 34 the district of residence under the same conditions and 35 -1- LSB 5042XS (6) 86 kh/sc 1/ 2
S.F. 2203 requirements as the pupils enrolled in the district of 1 residence. 2 EXPLANATION 3 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 4 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 5 This bill allows a pupil who is participating in open 6 enrollment for purposes of online instruction to participate in 7 extracurricular activities in the district of residence under 8 the same conditions and requirements as pupils enrolled in the 9 district of residence. 10 The bill permits the school district of residence to deduct 11 an activity fee in an amount not to exceed the actual cost 12 of providing the activity or 15 percent of the state cost 13 per pupil for the previous year from the total amount the 14 school district is required to pay to the receiving school 15 district when such a pupil participates in any extracurricular 16 activities in the pupil’s grade or group that is sponsored by 17 the district of residence. 18 Currently, only two school districts, the CAM community 19 school district and the Clayton Ridge community school 20 district, may, under Code section 256.7(32) act as receiving 21 districts for pupils participating in open enrollment for 22 purposes of receiving online instruction, with limitations on 23 how many students may be enrolled statewide and per school 24 district. 25 -2- LSB 5042XS (6) 86 kh/sc 2/ 2