House Resolution 34 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 34 BY FORRISTALL , HANUSA , DEYOE , SIECK , HANSON , STUTSMAN , WINCKLER , McCONKEY , GASKILL , KEARNS , BEARINGER , LENSING , HALL , RUNNING-MARQUARDT , STAED , HEIN , HIGHFILL , PAUSTIAN , L. MILLER , and JORGENSEN A Resolution honoring the life of Major General 1 Grenville M. Dodge and commemorating the 2 sesquicentennial of the conclusion of the American 3 Civil War. 4 WHEREAS, the State of Iowa contributed more men 5 per capita than any other state to the Union military 6 forces, including Major General Grenville M. Dodge who 7 was sent to Washington, D.C., to secure arms for the 8 Iowa volunteers; and 9 WHEREAS, General Dodge served in the Civil War with 10 unfailing leadership during a critical time in our 11 country’s history; and 12 WHEREAS, General Dodge devised an intelligence 13 gathering system for General Ulysses S. Grant, 14 which served as a precursor to the modern Military 15 Intelligence Corps of the United States Army, and which 16 ultimately shortened the war and saved many American 17 lives; and 18 WHEREAS, General Dodge demonstrated his logistical 19 expertise by managing the construction and 20 reconstruction of railroads, bridges, and telegraph 21 lines necessary for the Union war effort; and 22 WHEREAS, General Dodge, one of Council Bluffs’ most 23 famous residents, met with President Abraham Lincoln 24 in Council Bluffs to choose the starting point of 25 -1- LSB 2638YH (7) 86 aw/nh 1/ 2
H.R. 34 the Union Pacific Railroad and has been called “the 1 greatest railroad builder of all time”; and 2 WHEREAS, near the conclusion of the Civil War, as 3 a symbol of national unity and reunification of the 4 country, leaders encouraged General Dodge to assume 5 the duties of Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific 6 Railroad; NOW THEREFORE, 7 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That 8 the House of Representatives commemorates the 150th 9 anniversary of the end of the hostilities between Union 10 and Confederate forces on April 9, 1865; and 11 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the House of 12 Representatives honors the life of Major General 13 Grenville M. Dodge, and the lives and contributions 14 of all Iowans who labored and fought to preserve 15 the Union, and all those Iowans who, following such 16 service, continued to serve the State of Iowa and the 17 United States of America. 18 -2- LSB 2638YH (7) 86 aw/nh 2/ 2