House File 178 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 178 BY MASCHER , LENSING , WINCKLER , SMITH , JACOBY , STAED , OURTH , KEARNS , BERRY , BENNETT , ANDERSON , STUTSMAN , HANSON , H. MILLER , THEDE , BROWN-POWERS , KELLEY , STECKMAN , HEDDENS , T. TAYLOR , and HUNTER A BILL FOR An Act relating to elderly persons with aggressive or 1 psychiatric behaviors in long-term care facilities. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 TLSB 1576HH (2) 86 rh/nh
H.F. 178 Section 1. FACILITY FOR ELDERLY PERSONS WITH AGGRESSIVE OR 1 PSYCHIATRIC BEHAVIORS —— COMMITTEE —— REPORT. 2 1. The department of inspections and appeals, in 3 conjunction with the department of human services, shall 4 establish and facilitate a committee of stakeholders to examine 5 options for designating a facility to provide care for elderly 6 persons in this state who are sexually aggressive, combative, 7 or have unmet geropsychiatric needs. 8 2. The membership of the committee shall include but is not 9 limited to the following: 10 a. Representatives of the departments of inspections and 11 appeals, human services, corrections, public health, and aging, 12 the state public defender, the office of ombudsman, the office 13 of long-term care ombudsman, and the judicial branch. 14 b. Consumers of services provided by long-term care 15 facilities and family members of consumers. 16 c. Representatives from leadingage Iowa, the Iowa health 17 care association, and the Iowa association of community 18 providers. 19 d. Direct care workers employed by long-term care 20 facilities. 21 e. Representatives from Iowa legal aid. 22 f. Representatives from AARP Iowa. 23 g. Representatives from the Iowa civil liberties union. 24 h. Other stakeholders as the department of inspections and 25 appeals and the department of human services deem appropriate. 26 3. The committee shall discuss whether a long-term care 27 facility, as defined in section 142D.2, should have the 28 ability to refuse admission to, or discharge, residents who are 29 sexually aggressive, combative, or have unmet geropsychiatric 30 needs. The committee shall consider options for establishment 31 of a facility to provide care for persons who are sexually 32 aggressive, combative, or have unmet geropsychiatric needs. 33 The committee shall identify the characteristics of residents 34 for such a facility, options for creating a new facility 35 -1- LSB 1576HH (2) 86 rh/nh 1/ 2
H.F. 178 to house such residents, options for the expansion of an 1 existing facility to house such residents, options for using 2 any alternative facilities for such residents, the workforce 3 and training necessary for the workforce in such facility, 4 options to qualify a facility for Medicaid reimbursement, cost 5 projections for any recommendations, and other information 6 deemed relevant by the department of inspections and appeals. 7 4. The committee shall provide a report detailing its 8 findings and recommendations to the governor and the general 9 assembly by December 15, 2015. 10 EXPLANATION 11 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 12 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 13 This bill relates to housing of elderly persons who 14 are sexually aggressive or combative or who have unmet 15 geropsychiatric needs. The bill directs the department of 16 inspections and appeals, in conjunction with the department 17 of human services, to establish and facilitate a committee 18 to address the placement or housing of such persons. The 19 committee must identify the residents to be served; the need 20 for a facility; options for creating a new facility, expanding 21 an existing facility, or using any alternative facility for 22 the purpose of housing the identified persons; the workforce 23 and training needs for such a facility; options to qualify a 24 facility for Medicaid reimbursement; cost projections for the 25 recommendations; and other information deemed relevant by the 26 department of inspections and appeals. 27 The committee must provide a report of findings and 28 recommendations to the governor and general assembly by 29 December 15, 2015. 30 -2- LSB 1576HH (2) 86 rh/nh 2/ 2