Senate Study Bill 1154 - Introduced SENATE FILE _____ BY (PROPOSED COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION BILL BY CHAIRPERSON BOWMAN) A BILL FOR An Act relating to the fee charged for the issuance of 1 duplicate driver’s licenses and nonoperator’s identification 2 cards. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 2056SC (1) 85 dea/nh
S.F. _____ Section 1. Section 321.189, subsection 8, Code 2013, is 1 amended to read as follows: 2 8. Veterans status. Beginning no later than July 1, 3 2013, a A licensee who is an honorably discharged veteran of 4 the armed forces of the United States seeking to obtain a 5 license, other than a replacement license, pursuant to this 6 section may request that such a the license be marked to 7 reflect the licensee’s veteran status. Upon such a request , 8 the word “VETERAN” shall be marked prominently on the face 9 of the license. Such a license shall be issued only upon 10 receipt of satisfactory proof of veteran status pursuant to 11 procedures established by the department in consultation with 12 the department of veterans affairs. This subsection shall 13 not apply to duplicate or substitute licenses or nonoperator 14 identification cards obtained pursuant to section 321.195 . 15 Sec. 2. Section 321.195, Code 2013, is amended to read as 16 follows: 17 321.195 Duplicate Replacement of driver’s licenses and 18 nonoperator’s identification cards. 19 A fee of ten dollars shall be charged for the replacement of 20 a driver’s license or nonoperator’s identification card. If a 21 driver’s license or nonoperator’s identification card issued 22 under this chapter is lost or destroyed, the person to whom the 23 license or card was issued may, upon payment of a fee of three 24 dollars for a driver’s license or nonoperator’s identification 25 card, obtain a duplicate, or substitute, upon furnishing must 26 furnish proof satisfactory to the department that the driver’s 27 license or nonoperator’s identification card has been lost 28 or destroyed in order to obtain a replacement . A fee of one 29 dollar shall be charged for the voluntary replacement of a 30 driver’s license or nonoperator’s identification card. 31 EXPLANATION 32 Currently, under Code section 321.195, the fee for 33 replacement of a driver’s license or nonoperator’s 34 identification card that was lost or destroyed is $3, and 35 -1- LSB 2056SC (1) 85 dea/nh 1/ 2
S.F. _____ the fee for voluntary replacement of a driver’s license or 1 nonoperator’s identification card is $1. The bill establishes 2 a single replacement fee of $10. 3 In addition, the bill amends a provision which allows 4 honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces to have their 5 veteran status noted on the face of their driver’s licenses. 6 Currently, that option is available at the time a veteran is 7 applying for a new license or for renewal of a license, but 8 not for a replacement license. Under the bill, a licensee may 9 obtain a replacement license marked with the word “VETERAN”. 10 The replacement license is subject to the $10 replacement 11 fee provided for in the bill. The same provisions apply for 12 veterans with nonoperator’s identification cards. 13 -2- LSB 2056SC (1) 85 dea/nh 2/ 2