Senate Resolution 110 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 110 BY QUIRMBACH , HART , and WHITVER A Resolution recognizing March 2014 as Iowa Women’s 1 History Month. 2 WHEREAS, Iowa women of every race, class, and 3 ethnic background have made historic contributions 4 to the growth and strength of our state and nation 5 in countless recorded and unrecorded ways, including 6 through the struggle for women’s rights despite being 7 underpaid; and 8 WHEREAS, Iowa women were particularly important in 9 the establishment of early charitable, philanthropic, 10 and cultural institutions in our state and nation; and 11 WHEREAS, Iowa women and men amended the Iowa 12 Constitution to read that “All men and women are, by 13 nature, free and equal, and have certain inalienable 14 rights...”; and 15 WHEREAS, Iowa women have been leaders in 16 agriculture, business, industry, and academia, as 17 well as the abolitionist movement, the emancipation 18 movement, the industrial labor movement, the civil 19 rights movement, the peace movement, and the women’s 20 suffrage movement, which create a more fair and just 21 society for all; and 22 WHEREAS, despite these contributions and those 23 of women throughout the world, the role of women 24 has been consistently overlooked and undervalued in 25 the literature, teaching, and study of history; NOW 26 THEREFORE, 27 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate 28 -1- LSB 6167SS (2) 85 jr/rj 1/ 2
S.R. 110 recognizes the month of March 2014 as Iowa Women’s 1 History Month and invites the citizens of Iowa to 2 continue to uncover the roles women have played 3 throughout history. 4 -2- LSB 6167SS (2) 85 jr/rj 2/ 2