Senate File 287 - Introduced SENATE FILE 287 BY SEGEBART A BILL FOR An Act concerning the sale of wine by manufacturers of beer. 1 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 2 TLSB 2378XS (2) 85 ec/nh
S.F. 287 Section 1. Section 123.45, unnumbered paragraph 2, Code 1 2013, is amended to read as follows: 2 A person engaged in the business of manufacturing, bottling, 3 or wholesaling alcoholic beverages, wine, or beer, or any 4 jobber, representative, broker, employee, or agent of such 5 a person, shall not directly or indirectly supply, furnish, 6 give, or pay for any furnishings, fixtures, or equipment used 7 in the storage, handling, serving, or dispensing of alcoholic 8 beverages, wine, beer, or food within the place of business of 9 a licensee or permittee authorized under this chapter to sell 10 at retail; nor shall the person directly or indirectly extend 11 any credit for alcoholic beverages or beer or pay for any such 12 license or permit, nor directly or indirectly be interested in 13 the ownership, conduct, or operation of the business of another 14 licensee or permittee authorized under this chapter to sell at 15 retail, nor hold a retail liquor control license or retail wine 16 or beer permit. However, a person engaged in the wholesaling 17 of beer or wine may sell only disposable glassware, which is 18 constructed of paper, paper laminated, or plastic materials and 19 designed primarily for personal consumption on a one-time usage 20 basis, to retailers for use within the premises of licensed 21 establishments, for an amount which is greater than or equal 22 to an amount which represents the greater of either the amount 23 paid for the disposable glassware by the supplier or the amount 24 paid for the disposable glassware by the wholesaler. Also, a 25 person engaged in the business of manufacturing beer may sell 26 beer at retail for consumption on or off the premises of the 27 manufacturing facility and sell wine for consumption on the 28 premises of the manufacturing facility and, notwithstanding 29 any other provision of this chapter or the fact that a person 30 is the holder of a class “A” beer permit, may be granted not 31 more than one class “B” beer permit as defined in section 32 123.124 or one special class “C” liquor license as defined in 33 section 123.30 for that purpose. A licensee or permittee who 34 permits or assents to or is a party in any way to a violation or 35 -1- LSB 2378XS (2) 85 ec/nh 1/ 2
S.F. 287 infringement of this section is guilty of a violation of this 1 section . 2 EXPLANATION 3 This bill allows a person engaged in the business of 4 manufacturing beer to sell wine and to obtain a special class 5 “C” liquor license as defined in Code section 123.30 for that 6 purpose. 7 -2- LSB 2378XS (2) 85 ec/nh 2/ 2