House Resolution 18 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 18 BY KRESSIG A Resolution encouraging the United States Department 1 of Defense to include the names of the fallen 2 sailors of the destroyer USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) 3 on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. 4 WHEREAS, on March 29, 1969, the officers and men 5 of USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) departed Long Beach, 6 California, for the Western Pacific to carry out the 7 operational orders of their Commander in Chief during a 8 time of war with North Vietnam; and 9 WHEREAS, on June 3, 1969, USS Frank E. Evans 10 (DD-754), while on an allied naval exercise during the 11 Vietnam War, collided with the Australian aircraft 12 carrier, HMAS Melbourne (R-21) in the South China Sea, 13 near the coast of Vietnam; and 14 WHEREAS, the collision severed the ship into two 15 sections, with the forward section sinking in less 16 than three minutes, taking the lives of 74 American 17 sailors; and 18 WHEREAS, members of the United States Armed Forces 19 who died during the Vietnam War have been memorialized 20 by placing their names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial 21 in Washington, D.C., if they died within the combat 22 zone; and 23 WHEREAS, the United States Department of Defense 24 maintains the men who died as a result of the USS Frank 25 E. Evans (DD-754) collision do not meet the criteria 26 for inclusion on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial since 27 the accident occurred outside the combat zone, and 28 -1- LSB 1696HH (3) 85 jr/nh 1/ 2
H.R. 18 continues to deny the placement of the names of the 1 lost 74 sailors on the memorial; and 2 WHEREAS, the Vietnam War combat zone boundaries were 3 ill defined and have been changed from time to time, 4 and should not be the defining reason to exclude the 5 names of the lost sailors from the Vietnam Veterans 6 Memorial; and 7 WHEREAS, other members of the United States Armed 8 Forces who died outside the Vietnam War combat zone 9 have had their names placed on the Vietnam Veterans 10 Memorial; NOW THEREFORE, 11 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That 12 the names of the 74 sailors from USS Frank E. Evans 13 (DD-754) should be included on the Vietnam Veterans 14 Memorial, and that the House of Representatives fully 15 supports an immediate favorable decision by the United 16 States Department of Defense to make an exception to 17 its criteria and include those names on the Vietnam 18 Veterans Memorial. 19 -2- LSB 1696HH (3) 85 jr/nh 2/ 2