House File 526 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 526 BY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION (SUCCESSOR TO HF 194) A BILL FOR An Act relating to the deadline for obtaining a registration 1 fee credit for a vehicle that is sold, transferred, or 2 junked or for a motor vehicle purchased by a lessee, and 3 including effective date provisions. 4 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 5 TLSB 2038HV (2) 85 dea/nh
H.F. 526 Section 1. Section 321.46, subsection 3, paragraph a, Code 1 2013, is amended to read as follows: 2 a. The credit shall be claimed within thirty days six months 3 from the date the vehicle for which credit is granted was sold, 4 transferred, or junked. After thirty days six months , all 5 credits shall be disallowed. 6 Sec. 2. Section 321.46, subsection 7, Code 2013, is amended 7 to read as follows: 8 7. If a motor vehicle is leased and the lessee purchases 9 the vehicle upon termination of the lease, the lessor shall, 10 upon claim by the lessee with the lessor within thirty days 11 six months of the purchase, assign the annual registration fee 12 credit and registration plates for the leased motor vehicle to 13 the lessee. Credit shall be applied as provided in subsection 14 3 . 15 Sec. 3. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Act takes effect January 1, 16 2014. 17 EXPLANATION 18 Currently, when a person transfers ownership of a vehicle, 19 the person is entitled to a credit of the unexpired portion 20 of the annual registration fee for the vehicle that was sold, 21 transferred, or junked. The credit is processed by the county 22 treasurer and is applied to the annual registration fee for 23 a vehicle newly acquired by the person. The credit must be 24 claimed within 30 days of the date the vehicle was sold, 25 transferred, or junked. If the credit is not claimed within 30 26 days, the person has six months in which to apply to the county 27 treasurer or the department of transportation for a refund of 28 the amount of the unexpired registration fee that would have 29 otherwise been available as a credit. 30 This bill extends the period in which a person may apply for 31 a credit of unexpired registration fees to six months. 32 Currently, when a motor vehicle is purchased by the lessee 33 upon termination of a lease, the lessee has 30 days in which 34 to claim a credit from the lessor for the unexpired portion 35 -1- LSB 2038HV (2) 85 dea/nh 1/ 2
H.F. 526 of the annual registration fee and have the registration fee 1 credit and registration plates for the leased motor vehicle 2 assigned to the lessee. The bill provides that the lessee has 3 six months in which to make the claim for the transfer of the 4 registration fee credit and the registration plates. 5 The bill takes effect January 1, 2014. 6 -2- LSB 2038HV (2) 85 dea/nh 2/ 2