House File 500 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 500 BY COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RESOURCES (SUCCESSOR TO HF 253) A BILL FOR An Act relating to early childhood Iowa initiative requirements 1 for area boards. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 TLSB 2017HV (2) 85 jp/nh
H.F. 500 Section 1. Section 256I.5, subsection 1, paragraph b, Code 1 2013, is amended to read as follows: 2 b. Regular audits every three years and other requirements 3 of fiscal agents for area boards. 4 Sec. 2. Section 256I.7, subsection 1, paragraph a, Code 5 2013, is amended to read as follows: 6 a. The early childhood Iowa functions for an area shall be 7 performed under the authority of an early childhood Iowa area 8 board. The members of an area board shall be elected officials 9 or members of the public who are not employed by a provider of 10 services to or for the area board. In addition, the membership 11 of an area board shall include representation from early 12 care, education, health, human services, business, and faith 13 interests, and at least one parent, grandparent, or guardian of 14 a child from zero through age five. The bylaws of an area board 15 may provide for a board member to be represented by a designee 16 or alternate. 17 EXPLANATION 18 This bill relates to early childhood Iowa initiative 19 requirements for area boards. 20 Code section 256I.5 requires the department of management 21 to adopt rules in consultation with the early childhood Iowa 22 state board for measures to provide fiscal oversight of the 23 initiative. One of the measures relates to regular audits and 24 other requirements of fiscal agents for area boards. The bill 25 requires the regular audit to be every three years. 26 Code section 256I.7, creating early childhood Iowa 27 area boards, is amended to revise area board membership 28 requirements. The bill authorizes an area board’s bylaws to 29 provide that a member of the board may be represented by a 30 designee or alternate. 31 -1- LSB 2017HV (2) 85 jp/nh 1/ 1