House File 366 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 366 BY HEDDENS , OURTH , ANDERSON , WOLFE , KEARNS , BERRY , THEDE , GAINES , M. SMITH , HUNTER , STECKMAN , WESSEL-KROESCHELL , COHOON , ABDUL-SAMAD , PRICHARD , KELLEY , RIDING , DUNKEL , FORBES , WOOD , DAWSON , OLDSON , and THOMAS A BILL FOR An Act relating to children’s health by creating a center for 1 child health excellence and innovation. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 TLSB 1632HH (9) 85 jp/nh
H.F. 366 Section 1. Section 135.11, Code 2013, is amended by adding 1 the following new subsection: 2 NEW SUBSECTION . 32. Create and operate, subject to 3 appropriation of funding by the general assembly, a center for 4 child health excellence and innovation. The purpose of the 5 center is to provide a policy forum for efforts to improve 6 child health, including but not limited to improving health 7 quality, demonstrating better health outcomes, and reducing 8 long-term health care costs. 9 a. The center shall engage major providers of child health 10 services, including but not limited to representatives of the 11 department, the medical assistance program administrator, 12 child health specialty clinics, the association representing 13 community health centers, and others. 14 b. The center shall lead the review and analysis of public 15 policy efforts that are directed toward the purpose of the 16 center. 17 c. The center shall develop community-based initiatives 18 to promote healthy child development, leveraging medical 19 assistance program funding where possible. The initiatives 20 shall include but are not limited to the promotion of 21 demonstration programs within the behavioral health managed 22 care contract and the development of a grant application for 23 federal and foundation funding opportunities that focus upon 24 improving child health through innovation and the diffusion of 25 innovation. 26 d. The center shall develop an early childhood mental health 27 certification for professionals and others engaged in working 28 with young children. 29 e. The center shall draw upon national and state 30 expertise in the field of child health, including experts 31 from Iowa’s institutions of higher education, health provider 32 organizations, and health policy and advocacy organizations. 33 The center shall seek support from the Iowa research 34 community in data report development and analysis of available 35 -1- LSB 1632HH (9) 85 jp/nh 1/ 2
H.F. 366 information from Iowa child health data sources. 1 f. The center shall work with the departments of human 2 services and public health and with the governor and members 3 of the general assembly in child health public policy efforts 4 such as providing medical assistance funding as necessary to 5 expand the department’s initiative to provide for adequate 6 developmental surveillance and screening during a child’s first 7 five years to be available statewide and enabling child care 8 resource and referral service agencies to facilitate provision 9 of child mental health consultation for child care providers. 10 g. The center shall submit a report of its activities and 11 policy recommendations to the general assembly by December 15 12 annually. 13 EXPLANATION 14 This bill requires the department of public health to 15 create a center for child health excellence and innovation. 16 The purpose of the center is to provide a policy forum for 17 efforts to improve child health, including but not limited to 18 improving health quality, demonstrating better health outcomes, 19 and reducing long-term health care costs. The creation and 20 operation of the center is subject to provision of funding by 21 the general assembly. 22 The center is required to engage other departments of state 23 government and child health providers and to perform various 24 duties to further the purpose of the center. 25 -2- LSB 1632HH (9) 85 jp/nh 2/ 2