House File 330 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 330 BY BERRY A BILL FOR An Act concerning alcoholic beverage control by prohibiting 1 liquor control, wine, or beer licensees or permittees from 2 knowingly permitting or engaging in criminal activity in 3 areas adjacent to the licensed premises and making penalties 4 applicable. 5 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 6 TLSB 2445YH (3) 85 ec/nh
H.F. 330 Section 1. Section 123.49, subsection 2, paragraph j, Code 1 2013, is amended to read as follows: 2 j. Knowingly permit or engage in any criminal activity 3 on the premises covered by the license or permit. However, 4 the absence of security personnel on the licensed premises 5 is insufficient, without additional evidence, to prove that 6 criminal activity occurring on the licensed premises was 7 knowingly permitted in violation of this paragraph “j” . For 8 purposes of this paragraph “j” , “premises” includes parking 9 lots and areas adjacent to the premises of a liquor licensee 10 or permittee authorized to sell alcoholic beverages for 11 consumption on the licensed premises and used by patrons of the 12 liquor licensee or permittee. 13 EXPLANATION 14 This bill provides that a person or club holding a liquor 15 control license or retail wine or beer permit shall not 16 knowingly permit or engage in criminal activity in parking 17 lots and areas adjacent to the licensed premises that are used 18 by patrons of the liquor licensee or permittee. Current law 19 limits this prohibition to criminal activity in parking lots 20 and areas adjacent only to liquor licensees or permittees 21 authorized to sell alcohol for consumption on the licensed 22 premises. A person who violates this new provision shall 23 be subject to licensing sanctions and is guilty of a simple 24 misdemeanor pursuant to Code section 123.50. A simple 25 misdemeanor is punishable by confinement for no more than 30 26 days or a fine of at least $65 but not more than $625 or by 27 both. 28 -1- LSB 2445YH (3) 85 ec/nh 1/ 1