House File 325 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 325 BY BEARINGER , KELLEY , PRICHARD , HANSON , GASKILL , THOMAS , MUHLBAUER , DUNKEL , RUFF , STECKMAN , KRESSIG , H. MILLER , WINCKLER , ISENHART , HUNTER , WOOD , OURTH , JACOBY , KEARNS , and MAXWELL A BILL FOR An Act eliminating a restriction on a person associated with 1 a county agricultural extension district from engaging in 2 certain activities affecting legislation. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 2151HH (5) 85 da/nh
H.F. 325 Section 1. Section 176A.9, subsection 2, Code 2013, is 1 amended to read as follows: 2 2. a. The extension district, its council, or a member 3 or an employee as a representative of either one or the other 4 shall not engage in commercial or other private enterprises , 5 legislative programs, nor attempt in any manner by the adoption 6 of resolutions or otherwise to influence legislation, either 7 state or national, or other activities not authorized by this 8 chapter . 9 b. Nothing in this chapter prohibits an extension district, 10 its council, or a member or an employee as described in 11 paragraph “a from engaging in a state or federal legislative 12 program or becoming involved in the state or federal 13 legislative process. 14 EXPLANATION 15 This bill amends a provision which restricts a person 16 associated with a county agricultural extension district, 17 organized under Code chapter 176A, from engaging in certain 18 activities which involve commercial or other private 19 enterprises, legislative programs, or the influence of state or 20 federal legislation. This includes a member of the district’s 21 county agricultural extension council, or an employee or 22 representative of either the council or the district. 23 The bill eliminates the restriction upon such a person from 24 engaging in a legislative program or influencing legislation 25 and replaces it with a provision which allows a person to so 26 act. 27 -1- LSB 2151HH (5) 85 da/nh 1/ 1