House Concurrent Resolution 108 - Introduced HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 108 BY ISENHART , JACOBY , STECKMAN , HUNTER , KEARNS , M. SMITH , THOMAS , KRESSIG , ABDUL-SAMAD , HANSON , OURTH , WOOD , HEDDENS , COHOON , STAED , FORBES , KELLEY , RIDING , WINCKLER , GASKILL , STUTSMAN , BEARINGER , HALL , LENSING , OLDSON , R. OLSON , T. OLSON , WOLFE , H. MILLER , THEDE , PRICHARD , MASCHER , ANDERSON , DAWSON , MEYER , GAINES , RUFF , BERRY , MURPHY , MUHLBAUER , T. TAYLOR , WESSEL-KROESCHELL , DUNKEL , LYKAM , and RUNNING-MARQUARDT A Concurrent Resolution urging the Congress of the 1 United States to propose an amendment to the 2 Constitution of the United States to allow Congress 3 and the states to prohibit or otherwise regulate 4 the expenditure of funds for political speech 5 by corporate entities, and to limit or otherwise 6 regulate political contributions and spending. 7 WHEREAS, by a ruling of the United States Supreme 8 Court, a corporation, limited liability company, or 9 other type of corporate entity is now accorded greater 10 rights of political activity than was previously 11 lawful; and 12 WHEREAS, those rights now allow a corporation, 13 a limited liability company, or other type of 14 corporate entity to use general treasury funds to 15 make independent expenditures for electioneering 16 communications or for speech that expressly advocates 17 the election or defeat of a candidate for public 18 office; and 19 WHEREAS, this ruling overturns a century of 20 -1- LSB 6208HH (5) 85 jr/rj 1/ 3
H.C.R. 108 legislative and judicial determinations making a 1 distinction between the political free speech of 2 natural persons and political activity by corporate 3 entities; and 4 WHEREAS, a corporate entity has far greater economic 5 resources than does a natural person and may use those 6 resources to advance political ideas; and 7 WHEREAS, by a second ruling of the United States 8 Supreme Court, statutory limits on overall campaign 9 contributions by large individual donors to candidates, 10 political parties, and political action committees have 11 been struck down; and 12 WHEREAS, these contribution limits, now in place for 13 decades, are essential to ensure that small numbers 14 of large donors do not have a disparate impact on the 15 election process; and 16 WHEREAS, restriction and regulation of corporate 17 political activity, and unlimited contributions, 18 is essential to prevent domination of the political 19 process by corporate entities, and by small numbers of 20 wealthy individuals; NOW THEREFORE, 21 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, 22 THE SENATE CONCURRING, That the General Assembly of 23 the State of Iowa urges the Congress of the United 24 States to propose an amendment to the Constitution of 25 the United States, for submission to the states for 26 ratification, providing in substance that the sovereign 27 right of the people to govern being essential to a 28 free democracy, Congress and the states may prohibit 29 or otherwise regulate the expenditure of funds for 30 -2- LSB 6208HH (5) 85 jr/rj 2/ 3
H.C.R. 108 political speech by any corporation, limited liability 1 company, or other corporate entity, and may limit 2 or otherwise regulate political contributions and 3 spending; and 4 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State 5 shall transmit certified copies of this resolution 6 to the President and Secretary of the United States 7 Senate, the Speaker and Clerk of the United States 8 House of Representatives, the presiding officer in 9 each house of the legislature in each of the states in 10 the union, and each member of the Iowa congressional 11 delegation. 12 -3- LSB 6208HH (5) 85 jr/rj 3/ 3