Senate Resolution 112 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 112 BY BARTZ , FEENSTRA , HAHN , KETTERING , ERNST , ANDERSON , ZAUN , BEHN , KAPUCIAN , SEYMOUR , DIX , McKINLEY , BACON , CHELGREN , WHITVER , GREINER , SORENSON , BERTRAND , JOHNSON , WARD , SMITH , BOETTGER , SENG , HANCOCK , and RIELLY A Resolution supporting the tradition of youth 1 involvement in family farming and opposing federal 2 labor regulations to the contrary. 3 WHEREAS, on September 2, 2011, the United States 4 Department of Labor published new proposed regulations 5 which would severely restrict the ability of youth to 6 engage in agricultural work; and 7 WHEREAS, working on a farm has long been a way of 8 life for thousands of youth across Iowa; and 9 WHEREAS, the proposed regulations would adversely 10 impact the long-standing tradition in Iowa of youth 11 working on farms to gain valuable skills and lessons in 12 hard work, character, and leadership; and 13 WHEREAS, the proposed regulations would be 14 detrimental to the opportunity for Iowa youth to find 15 educational, gainful, and hands-on work experience; and 16 WHEREAS, the proposed regulations would hinder the 17 ability of Iowa youth to participate in 4-H clubs, 18 Future Farmers of America (FFA), the Iowa State Fair, 19 county fairs, and other activities which are crucial to 20 instilling an appreciation for agriculture and a strong 21 work ethic; and 22 WHEREAS, all farms depend on the contributions of 23 youth for their successful operation; and 24 -1- LSB 5827SS (7) 84 je/nh 1/ 3
S.R. 112 WHEREAS, the proposed regulations would limit 1 opportunities to recruit young farmers to agriculture 2 at a time when the average age of farmers continues to 3 rise; and 4 WHEREAS, a strong, enduring agricultural sector 5 is vital to this country’s long-term economic 6 security; and 7 WHEREAS, in times of economic hardship, labor 8 regulations should be designed to promote job 9 growth and economic opportunity, while the proposed 10 regulations would only make it more difficult for Iowa 11 youth to find jobs; and 12 WHEREAS, agricultural work has only grown safer for 13 youth over time without imposition of further federal 14 regulation; and 15 WHEREAS, the proposed regulations demonstrate 16 a profound lack of understanding of agricultural 17 traditions and practices in this country; and 18 WHEREAS, the Department of Labor has received 19 significant, compelling, detailed public comment from a 20 wide variety of knowledgeable persons and organizations 21 opposing the proposed regulations; NOW THEREFORE, 22 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate urges 23 the United States Department of Labor to withdraw the 24 proposed regulations; and 25 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Senate urges 26 President Barack Obama to rescind the proposed 27 regulations if they should become effective; and 28 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Senate urges 29 Congress to overturn the proposed regulations if they 30 -2- LSB 5827SS (7) 84 je/nh 2/ 3
S.R. 112 should become effective; and 1 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of 2 the Senate is directed to forward a copy of this 3 resolution to President Barack Obama; United States 4 Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis; United States 5 Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack; Representative 6 John Boehner, Speaker of the United States House of 7 Representatives; Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority 8 Leader; Representative Eric Cantor, House Majority 9 Leader; Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority 10 Leader; Representative Nancy Pelosi, House Minority 11 Leader; and Iowa’s congressional delegation. 12 -3- LSB 5827SS (7) 84 je/nh 3/ 3