Senate Joint Resolution 1 - Introduced SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION 1 BY ZAUN , BERTRAND , ANDERSON , SORENSON , WARD , KAPUCIAN , and FEENSTRA SENA TE JOINT RESOLUTION A Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution 1 of the State of Iowa relating to the sessions of the general 2 assembly. 3 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 1689XS (6) 84 aw/rj
S.J.R. 1 Section 1. The following amendment to the Constitution of 1 the State of Iowa is proposed: 2 Section 2 of Article III of the Constitution of the State 3 of Iowa, as amended by amendment number 1 of the Amendments of 4 1968 and by amendment number 2 of the Amendments of 1974, is 5 repealed and the following adopted in lieu thereof: 6 Biennial sessions of general assembly —— special 7 sessions. SEC. 2. The sessions of the general assembly shall 8 be biennial, and shall commence on the second Monday in January 9 next ensuing the election of its members. Upon written request 10 to the presiding officer of each house of the general assembly 11 by two-thirds of the members of each house, the general 12 assembly shall convene in special session. The governor of the 13 state may convene the general assembly by proclamation in the 14 interim. 15 Sec. 2. REFERRAL AND PUBLICATION. The foregoing amendment 16 to the Constitution of the State of Iowa is referred to the 17 general assembly to be chosen at the next general election 18 for members of the general assembly, and the secretary of 19 state is directed to cause the same to be published for three 20 consecutive months previous to the date of that election as 21 provided by law. 22 EXPLANATION 23 This joint resolution proposes an amendment to the 24 Constitution of the State of Iowa relating to sessions of 25 the general assembly. The resolution provides for biennial 26 sessions of the general assembly instead of annual sessions 27 which shall commence in the year following election of its 28 members. 29 The resolution, if adopted, would be referred to the next 30 general assembly for adoption a second time before being 31 submitted to the electorate for ratification. 32 -1- LSB 1689XS (6) 84 aw/rj 1/ 1