Senate File 285 - Introduced SENATE FILE 285 BY COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND BUSINESS RELATIONS (SUCCESSOR TO SSB 1038) A BILL FOR An Act relating to employment services laws administered by the 1 division of labor services of the department of workforce 2 development. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 1340SV (1) 84 je/rj
S.F. 285 Section 1. Section 88A.4, subsection 1, Code 2011, is 1 amended by adding the following new paragraph: 2 NEW PARAGRAPH . c. Late submission processing fee for permit 3 applications submitted after the first of May deadline, one 4 hundred dollars. 5 Sec. 2. Section 89.3, subsection 8, Code 2011, is amended 6 to read as follows: 7 8. Internal inspections Inspections of unfired steam 8 pressure vessels operating in excess of fifteen pounds per 9 square inch and low pressure steam boilers shall be conducted 10 once every two years. External inspections shall be conducted 11 annually. at least once each calendar year. The inspections 12 in each two-year period shall include an external inspection 13 conducted while the boiler is operating and an internal 14 inspection. At least six months shall pass between these 15 inspections. An internal inspection of an unfired steam 16 pressure vessel may be required at any time by the commissioner 17 upon the observation by an inspector of conditions, enumerated 18 by the commissioner through rules, warranting an internal 19 inspection. 20 Sec. 3. Section 89A.13, subsection 2, Code 2011, is amended 21 to read as follows: 22 2. The safety board is composed of nine members, one 23 of whom shall be the commissioner or the commissioner’s 24 designee. The governor shall appoint the remaining eight 25 members of the board, subject to senate confirmation, to 26 staggered four-year terms which shall begin and end as provided 27 in section 69.19 . The members shall be as follows: two 28 representatives from an elevator manufacturing company or 29 its authorized representative; two representatives from 30 elevator servicing companies; one building owner or manager; 31 one representative employed by a local government in this 32 state who is knowledgeable about building codes in this state; 33 citizen of this state who is knowledgeable about conveyances; 34 one representative of workers actively involved in the 35 -1- LSB 1340SV (1) 84 je/rj 1/ 2
S.F. 285 installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators; and one 1 licensed mechanical engineer. 2 Sec. 4. Section 90A.2, subsection 2, Code 2011, is amended 3 to read as follows: 4 2. The license application shall be in the form prescribed 5 by the commissioner and shall contain information that is 6 substantially complete and accurate. Any change in the 7 information provided in the application shall be reported 8 promptly to the commissioner. The application shall be 9 submitted no later than seven thirty days prior to the intended 10 date of the match. 11 EXPLANATION 12 This bill provides for an additional $100 fee for an 13 amusement ride operator who submits a late permit application. 14 The bill provides for required inspections of certain 15 boilers to occur at least once a year, but not more than once 16 every six months. The bill provides that such inspections 17 shall include one internal inspection and one external 18 inspection in each two-year period. 19 The bill replaces the requirement that the membership of 20 the elevator safety board include a representative employed by 21 a local government who is knowledgeable about state building 22 codes with a requirement that it include a citizen of Iowa who 23 is knowledgeable about conveyances. 24 The bill provides that an application for an event license 25 for a professional boxing or wrestling or mixed martial arts 26 match must be made no later than 30 days before the match is to 27 occur. Current law requires an application to be made no later 28 than seven days before an event. 29 -2- LSB 1340SV (1) 84 je/rj 2/ 2