Senate File 216 - Introduced SENATE FILE 216 BY FEENSTRA A BILL FOR An Act prohibiting government agencies and officials from 1 collecting dues on behalf of labor unions and making a 2 penalty applicable. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 1809XS (2) 84 je/rj
S.F. 216 Section 1. Section 20.9, unnumbered paragraph 1, Code 2011, 1 is amended to read as follows: 2 The public employer and the employee organization shall meet 3 at reasonable times, including meetings reasonably in advance 4 of the public employer’s budget-making process, to negotiate in 5 good faith with respect to wages, hours, vacations, insurance, 6 holidays, leaves of absence, shift differentials, overtime 7 compensation, supplemental pay, seniority, transfer procedures, 8 job classifications, health and safety matters, evaluation 9 procedures, procedures for staff reduction, in-service training 10 and other matters mutually agreed upon. Negotiations shall 11 also include terms authorizing dues checkoff for members of the 12 employee organization and grievance procedures for resolving 13 any questions arising under the agreement, which shall be 14 embodied in a written agreement and signed by the parties. If 15 an agreement provides for dues checkoff, a member’s dues may 16 be checked off only upon the member’s written request and the 17 member may terminate the dues checkoff at any time by giving 18 thirty days’ written notice. Such obligation to negotiate in 19 good faith does not compel either party to agree to a proposal 20 or make a concession. 21 Sec. 2. Section 70A.17A, subsection 3, Code 2011, is amended 22 by striking the subsection. 23 Sec. 3. NEW SECTION . 731.10 Collection of union dues by 24 government officials or agencies prohibited. 25 It shall be unlawful for any official or agency of this 26 state or a political subdivision of this state to collect dues, 27 charges, fees, contributions, fines, or assessments on behalf 28 of any labor union, labor association, or labor organization. 29 Sec. 4. REPEAL. Section 70A.19, Code 2011, is repealed. 30 EXPLANATION 31 This bill prohibits an official or agency of this state 32 or its political subdivisions from collecting dues, charges, 33 fees, contributions, fines, or assessments on behalf of any 34 labor union, labor association, or labor organization. A 35 -1- LSB 1809XS (2) 84 je/rj 1/ 2
S.F. 216 violation of the prohibition is a serious misdemeanor pursuant 1 to Code section 731.6. A serious misdemeanor is punishable by 2 confinement for no more than one year and a fine of at least 3 $315 but not more than $1,875. 4 The bill removes dues checkoffs from the scope of 5 negotiations for collective bargaining agreements under Code 6 chapter 20. 7 The bill repeals Code sections 70A.17A(3) and 70A.19 8 relating to payroll deductions by state employees who are union 9 members, but retains payroll deductions by state employees who 10 are professional or trade organization members. 11 -2- LSB 1809XS (2) 84 je/rj 2/ 2