House Resolution 31 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 31 BY MASSIE , PEARSON , SHAW , MOORE , KOESTER , IVERSON , HAGER , ALONS , KAUFMANN , GRASSLEY , LUKAN , UPMEYER , ARNOLD , BRANDENBURG , PAULSEN , HORBACH , ANDERSON , and FRY A Resolution calling for audit reform and transparency 1 of the Federal Reserve. 2 WHEREAS, honest stewardship of the public money and 3 credit is essential to preserve public confidence in 4 America’s monetary system; and 5 WHEREAS, a transparent government governs best, 6 and a transparent monetary system is essential to a 7 stable, sustainable economy that avoids squandering 8 resources; and 9 WHEREAS, by promoting open and transparent 10 government, an audit of the Federal Reserve by the 11 Government Accountability Office will promote trust 12 in government and bring accountability to the Federal 13 Reserve; NOW THEREFORE, 14 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That 15 the House of Representatives calls upon Congress to 16 enact appropriate legislation to require a full and 17 complete audit of the Federal Reserve, and that the 18 results be immediately provided to Congress and the 19 people of the United States of America; and 20 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Chief Clerk of the 21 House of Representatives is directed to forward a copy 22 of this resolution to Iowa’s congressional delegation. 23 -1- LSB 2490HH (7) 84 jr/nh 1/ 1