House Concurrent Resolution 105 - Introduced HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 105 BY S. OLSON , L. MILLER , PAUSTIAN , LYKAM , MOORE , THEDE , and WINCKLER A Concurrent Resolution urging the President of the 1 United States and the United States Congress to 2 protect the Rock Island Arsenal from future budget 3 reductions. 4 WHEREAS, from the 19th century to the present, the 5 Rock Island Arsenal has been a part of the economic and 6 government service history of the Quad Cities; and 7 WHEREAS, from an employment peak of 18,467 during 8 the height of World War II, the arsenal workforce has 9 shrunk to less than half that number; and 10 WHEREAS, the arsenal remains a major economic engine 11 in the region with more than 8,500 employees and more 12 than 70 federal and commercial tenants, adding some 13 one billion dollars to the local economy and impacting 14 14,000 community jobs; and 15 WHEREAS, the Joint Manufacturing and Technology 16 Center at the arsenal is one of the world’s largest 17 weapons manufacturing facilities; and has repeatedly 18 proven that, for small-quantity orders and specialty 19 jobs, it has the expertise, equipment, and dedication 20 to the defense of the United States that cannot be 21 equaled in private industry; and 22 WHEREAS, a reduction at the Rock Island Arsenal 23 would not only threaten the local economy, but would 24 also jeopardize the readiness of United States forces 25 to quickly respond in the war on terror or in any 26 future conflict; NOW THEREFORE, 27 -1- LSB 6028YH (5) 84 jr/rj 1/ 2
H.C.R. 105 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, 1 THE SENATE CONCURRING, That the General Assembly of 2 the State of Iowa urges the President of the United 3 States, the United States Congress, and the Secretary 4 of the Department of Defense to protect the Rock Island 5 Arsenal from any future reductions or other budget 6 cuts; and 7 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That an official copy of 8 this Resolution be transmitted to the President of 9 the United States, the Secretary of the United States 10 Department of Defense, and to members of the Iowa 11 congressional delegation. 12 -2- LSB 6028YH (5) 84 jr/rj 2/ 2