House File 462 - Introduced

                                     HOUSE FILE       
                                     BY  WATTS, PETTENGILL, TYMESON,
                                         DRAKE, ALONS, DEYOE, BAUDLER,
                                         HAGENOW, SORENSON, FORRISTALL,
                                         and KAUFMANN

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                                      A BILL FOR

  1 An Act requiring disclosure of energy efficiency=related costs or
  2    expenses on utility bills.
  4 TLSB 2335HH 83
  5 rn/nh/24


  1  1    Section 1.  Section 476.6, subsection 16, paragraph g, Code
  1  2 2009, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    g.  A gas or electric utility required to be rate=regulated
  1  4 under this chapter may recover, through an automatic
  1  5 adjustment mechanism filed pursuant to subsection 8, over a
  1  6 period not to exceed the term of the plan, the costs of an
  1  7 energy efficiency plan approved by the board, including
  1  8 amounts for a plan approved prior to July 1, 1996, in a
  1  9 contested case proceeding conducted pursuant to paragraph "e".
  1 10 The board shall periodically conduct a contested case
  1 11 proceeding to evaluate the reasonableness and prudence of the
  1 12 utility's implementation of an approved energy efficiency plan
  1 13 and budget.  If a utility is not taking all reasonable actions
  1 14 to cost=effectively implement an approved energy efficiency
  1 15 plan, the board shall not allow the utility to recover from
  1 16 customers costs in excess of those costs that would be
  1 17 incurred under reasonable and prudent implementation and shall
  1 18 not allow the utility to recover future costs at a level other
  1 19 than what the board determines to be reasonable and prudent.
  1 20 If the result of a contested case proceeding is a judgment
  1 21 against a utility, that utility's future level of cost
  1 22 recovery shall be reduced by the amount by which the programs
  1 23 were found to be imprudently conducted.  The utility shall not
  1 24 represent energy efficiency in customer billings
  1 25 efficiency=related costs under this section as a separate cost
  1 26 or expense unless the board otherwise approves in the
  1 27 utility's customer billings.
  1 28                           EXPLANATION
  1 29    This bill relates to the disclosure of customer charges by
  1 30 a utility on the utility's monthly billing statement.
  1 31    The bill modifies a current provision which prohibits a
  1 32 utility from representing energy efficiency in customer
  1 33 billings as a separate cost or expense, unless the utilities
  1 34 board of the utilities division of the department of commerce
  1 35 otherwise approves of such disclosure.  The bill provides that
  2  1 a gas or electric utility shall represent energy
  2  2 efficiency=related costs as a separate cost or expense in
  2  3 customer billings.
  2  4 LSB 2335HH 83
  2  5 rn/nh/24.1