House Joint Resolution 2001 - Introduced

                                  HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION       
                                  BY  TYMESON, CLUTE, DEYOE, GRANZOW,
                                      ALONS, SODERBERG, PETTENGILL,
                                      HUSEMAN, RAYHONS, BOAL, MAY,
                                      DE BOEF, KAUFMANN, LUKAN,
                                      CHAMBERS, TJEPKES, D. TAYLOR,
                                      WIENCEK, and BAUDLER

    Passed House,  Date               Passed Senate, Date             
    Vote:  Ayes        Nays           Vote:  Ayes        Nays         

                                HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION

  1 A Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of
  2    the State of Iowa restricting the expenditure of public or
  3    private funds appropriated, allocated, or received by the
  4    state to provide assistance to veterans.
  6 TLSB 6227HH 82
  7 ec/rj/5


  1  1    Section 1.  Article VII of the Constitution of the State of
  1  2 Iowa is amended by adding the following new section:
  1  3    VETERAN ASSISTANCE FUNDS.  SEC. 10.  All state funds
  1  4 appropriated, and federal or private funds received by the
  1  5 state, to provide assistance to veterans shall be used
  1  6 exclusively for the performance and administration of
  1  7 activities related to those purposes.
  1  8    Sec. 2.  REFERRAL AND PUBLICATION.  The foregoing amendment
  1  9 to the Constitution of the State of Iowa is referred to the
  1 10 General Assembly to be chosen at the next general election for
  1 11 members of the General Assembly, and the Secretary of State is
  1 12 directed to cause the same to be published for three
  1 13 consecutive months previous to the date of that election as
  1 14 provided by law.
  1 15                           EXPLANATION
  1 16    This joint resolution proposes an amendment to the
  1 17 Constitution of the State of Iowa relating funds appropriated
  1 18 to provide assistance to veterans.  The resolution provides
  1 19 that public or private funds appropriated to provide
  1 20 assistance to veterans shall be used exclusively for that
  1 21 purpose.
  1 22    The resolution, if adopted, would be referred to the next
  1 23 general assembly for adoption a second time before being
  1 24 submitted to the electorate for ratification.
  1 25 LSB 6227HH 82
  1 26 ec/rj/5