House File 2405 - Introduced

                                HOUSE FILE       
                                BY  WIENCEK, PAULSEN, WORTHAN, DE BOEF,
                                    FORRISTALL, L. MILLER, S. OLSON,
                                    HUSEMAN, UPMEYER, STRUYK, HEATON,
                                    TJEPKES, DRAKE, SODERBERG, ALONS,
                                    TYMESON, BOAL, DOLECHECK, GRANZOW,
                                    ARNOLD, GRASSLEY, SCHICKEL, WATTS,
                                    RASMUSSEN, RAECKER, BAUDLER, SANDS,
                                    DEYOE, RANTS, ROBERTS, RAYHONS,
                                    CHAMBERS, and ANDERSON

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                                      A BILL FOR

  1 An Act requiring health insurance coverage to be offered to
  2    certain bona fide associations.
  4 TLSB 5916YH 82
  5 av/nh/14


  1  1    Section 1.  Section 513B.2, subsection 6, paragraph b, Code
  1  2 Supplement 2007, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    b.  A small employer carrier may shall establish additional
  1  4 groupings under each of the subparagraphs in paragraph "a" on
  1  5 the basis of underwriting criteria which are expected to
  1  6 produce substantial variation in the health care costs.  A
  1  7 small employer carrier shall offer health insurance coverage
  1  8 to a bona fide association as defined in section 509.1,
  1  9 subsection 8, paragraph "b", that meets criteria established
  1 10 by the commissioner by rule, utilizing the rating bands
  1 11 devised pursuant to the additional groupings established.
  1 12    Sec. 2.  RULES.  The commissioner shall propose rules that
  1 13 establish criteria for bona fide associations as required by
  1 14 this Act within one hundred twenty days of enactment.
  1 15                           EXPLANATION
  1 16    Code section 513B.2(6)(b) is amended to require an
  1 17 insurance carrier that provides small group health care
  1 18 coverage to establish additional groupings of small employers
  1 19 on the basis of underwriting criteria which are expected to
  1 20 produce substantial variation in health care costs, and to
  1 21 require such a carrier to offer health insurance coverage to a
  1 22 bona fide association as defined in Code section 509.1(8)(b)
  1 23 that meets criteria established by the commissioner by rule,
  1 24 utilizing the rating bands devised pursuant to the additional
  1 25 groupings established.  The commissioner is required to
  1 26 propose such rules within 120 days of the bill's enactment.
  1 27 LSB 5916YH 82
  1 28 av/nh/14