House File 2199 - Introduced

                                       HOUSE FILE       
                                       BY  ARNOLD, BAUDLER, and

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                                      A BILL FOR

  1 An Act relating to deer hunting using muzzleloading firearms.
  3 TLSB 5848YH 82
  4 jr/nh/8


  1  1    Section 1.  Section 481A.38, subsection 1, Code Supplement
  1  2 2007, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    1.  The commission may upon its own motion and after an
  1  4 investigation, alter, limit, or restrict the methods or means
  1  5 employed and the instruments or equipment used in taking wild
  1  6 mammals, birds subject to section 481A.48, fish, reptiles, and
  1  7 amphibians, if the investigation reveals that the action would
  1  8 be desirable or beneficial in promoting the interests of
  1  9 conservation, or the commission may, after an investigation
  1 10 when it is found there is imminent danger of loss of fish
  1 11 through natural causes, authorize the taking of fish by means
  1 12 found advisable to salvage imperiled fish populations.
  1 13    a.  The commission shall adopt a rule permitting a crossbow
  1 14 to be used only by individuals with disabilities who are
  1 15 physically incapable of using a bow and arrow under the
  1 16 conditions in which a bow and arrow is permitted.  The
  1 17 commission shall prepare an application to be used by an
  1 18 individual requesting the status.  The application shall
  1 19 require the individual's physician to sign a statement
  1 20 declaring that the individual is not physically able to use a
  1 21 bow and arrow.
  1 22    b.  The commission shall adopt a rule permitting any person
  1 23 present in a hunting party using muzzleloading rifles or
  1 24 pistols to tag a deer with a tag issued in that person's name
  1 25 during the late muzzleloading season.
  1 26                           EXPLANATION
  1 27    This bill would require the natural resources commission to
  1 28 adopt a rule allowing any member of a deer hunting party using
  1 29 muzzleloading firearms to tag a deer in that person's name,
  1 30 regardless of who actually shot the deer during the late
  1 31 muzzleloading season.
  1 32 LSB 5848YH 82
  1 33 jr/nh/8.1