Senate File 2175 - Introduced

                                  SENATE FILE       
                                  BY  BOLKCOM, KREIMAN, STEWART,
                                      RAGAN, HATCH, DOTZLER,
                                      DVORSKY, HORN, SENG, HANCOCK,
                                      DEARDEN, SCHOENJAHN, FRAISE,
                                      WOOD, COURTNEY, QUIRMBACH,
                                      GRONSTAL, KIBBIE, and CONNOLLY

                                       (COMPANION TO LSB 5733HH
                                        BY HEDDENS)

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                                      A BILL FOR

  1 An Act establishing a program for providing home visits for all
  2    families in the state with a newborn child.
  4 TLSB 5733SS 81
  5 jp/je/5


  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  28.11  FAMILIES WITH A NEWBORN
  1  3    1.  a.  The Iowa empowerment board shall implement a
  1  4 program with the goal of making available a home visit for
  1  5 each household in the state with a family that has a newborn
  1  6 child.  The components of the home visit shall include but are
  1  7 not limited to assessing the child's home environment,
  1  8 educating the families concerning newborn children, and
  1  9 assisting families in accessing appropriate services.
  1 10    b.  The Iowa board shall coordinate with existing programs
  1 11 that provide a visit to families with a newborn child as
  1 12 necessary to make the best use of resources.  The program
  1 13 implemented pursuant to this section shall be directed to
  1 14 areas of the state that are underserved or do not have a home
  1 15 visit program.
  1 16    2.  The delivery of the home visit program under this
  1 17 section shall be administered at the local level through the
  1 18 local board of health as defined in section 137.2.  The
  1 19 following requirements shall apply to local programs receiving
  1 20 funding under the program:
  1 21    a.  Home visits shall be made by qualified and trained
  1 22 staff.
  1 23    b.  The program staff shall demonstrate a capacity to
  1 24 competently complete home visits and facilitate referrals to
  1 25 and interventions by other resources available in the
  1 26 community, based upon needs identified during a home visit.
  1 27    c.  The local program must have an acceptable plan for
  1 28 implementing a cooperative arrangement with local hospitals
  1 29 and birthing centers for the hospitals and centers to provide
  1 30 referral information for contacting families with a newborn
  1 31 child.
  1 32    d.  The local program must have the capacity to bill third=
  1 33 party payors as appropriate and to leverage additional
  1 34 resources, such as local cash or in=kind matching
  1 35 contributions to sustain and enhance the local program.
  2  1    e.  The local program must apply performance measures
  2  2 identified by the Iowa board and the local program
  2  3 administrator and shall report outcome information on a
  2  4 regular basis identified by the Iowa board.
  2  5    3.  The Iowa board shall implement the provisions of this
  2  6 section subject to the funding provided for purposes of this
  2  7 section.
  2  8                           EXPLANATION
  2  9    This bill establishes a program for providing home visits
  2 10 for all families in the state with a newborn child.
  2 11    New Code section 28.11 directs the Iowa empowerment board
  2 12 to implement the program with the goal of making available a
  2 13 home visit for each household in the state with a family that
  2 14 has a newborn child.  The board is required to coordinate this
  2 15 program with existing programs providing home visits to
  2 16 families with a newborn child and to target areas of the state
  2 17 that are not served or are underserved.
  2 18    The program at the local level is required to use the local
  2 19 board of health as administrator.  The bill includes
  2 20 requirements for the local program.  The Iowa empowerment
  2 21 board's implementation of the program is subject to the
  2 22 funding provided for purposes of the program.
  2 23 LSB 5733SS 81
  2 24 jp:nh/je/5