Senate File 2111

                                       SENATE FILE       
                                       BY  BEALL, WARNSTADT, QUIRMBACH,
                                           SENG, DOTZLER, HATCH,
                                           COURTNEY, HOLVECK, McCOY,
                                           KIBBIE, GRONSTAL, CONNELLY,
                                           DVORSKY, STEWART, RAGAN,
                                           KREIMAN, HORN, PUTNEY,
                                           SHULL, and KETTERING

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                                      A BILL FOR

  1 An Act relating to the filing of a claim for military service tax
  2    exemptions by members of the reserved forces of the United
  3    States and Iowa national guard who are ordered to active duty
  4    and including effective and applicability date provisions.
  6 TLSB 5640SS 80
  7 mg/pj/5


  1  1    Section 1.  Section 426A.13, unnumbered paragraphs 2 and 3,
  1  2 Code 2003, are amended to read as follows:
  1  3    The person shall file with the appropriate assessor on
  1  4 forms obtained from the assessor the claim for exemption for
  1  5 the year for which the person is first claiming the exemption.
  1  6 The claim shall be filed not later than July 1 of the year for
  1  7 which the person is claiming the exemption.  The claim shall
  1  8 set out the fact that the person is a resident of and
  1  9 domiciled in the state of Iowa, and a person within the terms
  1 10 of section 426A.11, and shall give the volume and page on
  1 11 which the certificate of satisfactory service, order of
  1 12 separation, retirement, furlough to reserve, inactive status,
  1 13 or honorable discharge or certified copy thereof is recorded
  1 14 in the office of the county recorder, and may include the
  1 15 designation of the property from which the exemption is to be
  1 16 made, and shall further state that the claimant is the
  1 17 equitable or legal owner of the property designated or if the
  1 18 property is owned by a family farm corporation, that the
  1 19 person is a shareholder of that corporation and that the
  1 20 person occupies the property.  However, a member of the
  1 21 reserve forces of the United States or the Iowa national guard
  1 22 who has not otherwise qualified as a veteran may file an
  1 23 application for a claim upon receipt of orders calling the
  1 24 member to active duty.  If at the end of the term of active
  1 25 duty the member will have qualified for the exemption, the
  1 26 claim shall be approved subject to the setting aside of the
  1 27 allowance of the claim as provided in section 426A.6.
  1 28    Upon the filing and allowance of the claim, the claim shall
  1 29 be allowed to that person for successive years without further
  1 30 filing.  However, for a person whose claim was allowed because
  1 31 the person was a member of the reserve forces of the United
  1 32 States or Iowa national guard who was ordered to active duty,
  1 33 the claim shall be valid for no more than one additional year.
  1 34 After that year, the person shall refile for the exemption.
  1 35 Provided, that notwithstanding the filing or having on file a
  2  1 claim for exemption, the person or person's spouse is the
  2  2 legal or equitable owner of the property on July 1 of the year
  2  3 for which the claim is allowed.  When the property is sold or
  2  4 transferred or the person wishes to designate different
  2  5 property for the exemption, a person who wishes to receive the
  2  6 exemption shall refile for the exemption.  A person who sells
  2  7 or transfers property which is designated for the exemption or
  2  8 the personal representative of a deceased person who owned
  2  9 such property shall provide written notice to the assessor
  2 10 that the property is no longer legally or equitably owned by
  2 11 the former claimant.
  2 12    Sec. 2.  EFFECTIVE AND APPLICABILITY DATE.  This Act, being
  2 13 deemed of immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment
  2 14 and applies to exemptions for fiscal years beginning on or
  2 15 after July 1, 2004.
  2 16                           EXPLANATION
  2 17    This bill allows a member of the reserve forces of the
  2 18 United States or Iowa national guard who does not otherwise
  2 19 qualify for the military service tax exemption to file for a
  2 20 claim and receive the exemption if the member receives orders
  2 21 calling the member to active duty for a period that will
  2 22 qualify the member for the exemption upon completion of the
  2 23 active duty.  The exemption will be approved subject to the
  2 24 threat of the exemption being set aside if the member does not
  2 25 later qualify.  The approval is valid for only two years.
  2 26    The bill takes effect upon enactment and applies to
  2 27 exemptions for fiscal years beginning on or after July 1,
  2 28 2004.
  2 29 LSB 5640SS 80
  2 30 mg/pj/5