House File 231 - Enrolled House File 231 AN ACT RELATING TO A SPECIAL SENTENCE FOR SEXUAL ABUSE COMMITTED DURING A BURGLARY. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: Section 1. Section 903B.1, Code 2021, is amended to read as follows: 903B.1 Special sentence —— class “B” or class “C” felonies. A person convicted of a class “C” felony or greater offense under chapter 709 , a class “B” felony under section 713.3, subsection 1, paragraph “d” , or a class “C” felony under section 728.12 , shall also be sentenced, in addition to any other punishment provided by law, to a special sentence committing the person into the custody of the director of the Iowa department of corrections for the rest of the person’s life, with eligibility for parole as provided in chapter 906 . The board of parole shall determine whether the person should be released on parole or placed in a work release program. The special sentence imposed under this section shall commence upon completion of the sentence imposed under any applicable criminal sentencing provisions for the underlying criminal offense and the person shall begin the sentence under supervision as if on parole or work release. The person shall be placed on the corrections continuum in chapter 901B , and the terms and conditions of the special sentence, including violations, shall be subject to the same set of procedures set out in chapters 901B , 905 , 906 , and chapter 908 , and rules
House File 231, p. 2 adopted under those chapters for persons on parole or work release. The revocation of release shall not be for a period greater than two years upon any first revocation, and five years upon any second or subsequent revocation. A special sentence shall be considered a category “A” sentence for purposes of calculating earned time under section 903A.2 . ______________________________ PAT GRASSLEY Speaker of the House ______________________________ JAKE CHAPMAN President of the Senate I hereby certify that this bill originated in the House and is known as House File 231, Eighty-ninth General Assembly. ______________________________ MEGHAN NELSON Chief Clerk of the House Approved _______________, 2021 ______________________________ KIM REYNOLDS Governor