House File 594 - Enrolled House File 594 AN ACT RELATING TO MEDICAL PROCEDURES INCLUDING ABORTION AND LIMITATIONS REGARDING THE WITHDRAWAL OF A LIFE-SUSTAINING PROCEDURE FROM A MINOR CHILD. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: Section 1. NEW SECTION . 144F.1 Withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures from minor child —— court intervention. 1. A court of law or equity shall not have the authority to require the withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures from a minor child over the objection of the minor child’s parent or guardian, unless there is conclusive medical evidence that the minor child has died and any electronic brain, heart, or respiratory monitoring activity exhibited to the contrary is a false artifact. 2. For the purposes of this section: a. “Life-sustaining procedure” means the same as defined in section 144A.2. b. “Minor” means the same as specified in section 599.1.
House File 594, p. 2 Sec. 2. Section 146A.1, subsection 1, unnumbered paragraph 1, Code 2020, is amended to read as follows: A physician performing an abortion shall obtain written certification from the pregnant woman of all of the following at least seventy-two twenty-four hours prior to performing an abortion: ______________________________ PAT GRASSLEY Speaker of the House ______________________________ CHARLES SCHNEIDER President of the Senate I hereby certify that this bill originated in the House and is known as House File 594, Eighty-eighth General Assembly. ______________________________ MEGHAN NELSON Chief Clerk of the House Approved _______________, 2020 ______________________________ KIM REYNOLDS Governor