House File 2558 H-8389 Amend the Senate amendment, H-8387, to House File 2558, as 1 amended, passed, and reprinted by the House as follows: 2 1. By striking page 5, line 23, through page 6, line 5, and 3 inserting: 4 < Sec. ___. Section 46.6, subsection 2, Code 2022, is amended 5 to read as follows: 6 2. The judge of longest service in the district shall 7 serve as the chair of a particular on the district judicial 8 nominating commission. If the judges of longest service in 9 the district are of equal service, the eldest of such judges 10 shall be chairperson of the particular serve on the judicial 11 nominating commission. The commissioners of the district 12 judicial nominating commission shall elect a chairperson from 13 their own number. The chairperson shall serve a two-year 14 term that expires on April 30 of even-numbered years. A 15 commissioner may be reelected for a second or third term 16 as chairperson. If a chairperson of a judicial nominating 17 commission desires to be relieved of the duties of chairperson 18 while retaining the status of commissioner, the chairperson 19 shall notify the governor and the other commissioners of 20 the commission. At the next meeting of the commission, the 21 commissioners shall elect a new chairperson for the remainder 22 of the two-year term. > 23 2. By renumbering as necessary. 24 ______________________________ WORTHAN of Buena Vista -1- H 8387.4624 (1) 89 as/tm 1/ 1 #1. #2.