Senate File 524 H-1334 Amend Senate File 524, as passed by the Senate, as follows: 1 1. Page 1, before line 1 by inserting: 2 < DIVISION I 3 REIMBURSEMENT RATES —— MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES —— TELEHEALTH 4 Section 1. Section 514C.34, subsection 1, Code 2021, is 5 amended by adding the following new paragraphs: 6 NEW PARAGRAPH . 0a. “Covered person” means the same as 7 defined in section 514J.102. 8 NEW PARAGRAPH . 00a. “Facility” means the same as defined in 9 section 514J.102. 10 NEW PARAGRAPH . 0c. “Health carrier” means the same as 11 defined in section 514J.102. 12 Sec. ___. Section 514C.34, subsection 1, paragraph c, Code 13 2021, is amended to read as follows: 14 c. “Telehealth” means the delivery of health care services 15 through the use of real-time interactive audio and video , or 16 other real-time interactive electronic media, regardless of 17 where the health care professional and the covered person are 18 each located . “Telehealth” does not include the delivery of 19 health care services delivered solely through an audio-only 20 telephone, electronic mail message, or facsimile transmission. 21 Sec. ___. Section 514C.34, Code 2021, is amended by adding 22 the following new subsection: 23 NEW SUBSECTION . 3A. a. A health carrier shall reimburse 24 a health care professional and a facility for health care 25 services provided by telehealth to a covered person for a 26 mental health condition, illness, injury, or disease on the 27 same basis and at the same rate as the health carrier would 28 apply to the same health care services for a mental health 29 condition, illness, injury, or disease provided in person to a 30 covered person by the health care professional or the facility. 31 b. As a condition of reimbursement pursuant to paragraph 32 “a” , a health carrier shall not require that an additional 33 health care professional be located in the same room as a 34 covered person while health care services for a mental health 35 -1- SF524.1746 (4) 89 dg/rh 1/ 2 #1.
condition, illness, injury, or disease are provided via 1 telehealth by another health care professional to the covered 2 person. 3 Sec. ___. EFFECTIVE DATE. This division of this Act, being 4 deemed of immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment. 5 Sec. ___. RETROACTIVE APPLICABILITY. This division 6 of this Act applies to health care services for a mental 7 health condition, illness, injury, or disease provided by a 8 health care professional or a facility to a covered person by 9 telehealth on or after January 1, 2021. 10 DIVISION ___ 11 INPATIENT PSYCHIATRIC BED TRACKING SYSTEM —— STUDY COMMITTEE > 12 2. Title page, by striking lines 1 and 2 and inserting 13 < An Act relating to mental health including reimbursement 14 rates for health care services for mental health conditions, 15 illnesses, injuries, or diseases provided to covered persons by 16 telehealth, the establishment of an inpatient psychiatric bed 17 tracking system study committee, and including effective date 18 and retroactive applicability provisions. > 19 3. By renumbering as necessary. 20 ______________________________ COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RESOURCES A. MEYER of Webster, Chairperson -2- SF524.1746 (4) 89 dg/rh 2/ 2 #2. #3.