House File 847 H-1298 Amend House File 847 as follows: 1 1. By striking page 1, line 3, through page 3, line 3, and 2 inserting: 3 < Sec. ___. Section 256.11, subsection 8, Code 2021, is 4 amended to read as follows: 5 8. a. Upon request of the board of directors of a public 6 school district or the authorities in charge of a nonpublic 7 school, the director may, for a number of years to be specified 8 by the director, grant the district board or the authorities 9 in charge of the nonpublic school exemption from one or more 10 of the requirements of the educational program specified in 11 subsection 5 . The exemption may be renewed. Exemptions 12 shall be granted only if the director deems that the request 13 made is an essential part of a planned innovative curriculum 14 project which the director determines will adequately meet the 15 educational needs and interests of the pupils and be broadly 16 consistent with the intent of the educational program as 17 defined in subsection 5 . 18 b. The request for exemption shall include all of the 19 following: 20 a. (1) Rationale of the project to include supportive 21 research evidence. 22 b. (2) Objectives of the project. 23 c. (3) Provisions for administration and conduct of the 24 project, including the use of personnel, facilities, time, 25 techniques, and activities. 26 d. (4) Plans for evaluation of the project by testing 27 and observational measures of pupil progress in reaching the 28 objectives. 29 e. (5) Plans for revisions of the project based on 30 evaluation measures. 31 f. (6) Plans for periodic reports to the department. 32 g. (7) The estimated cost of the project. 33 c. Approval of an exemption shall include authority for 34 a school district to use funds from the school district’s 35 -1- HF847.1641 (1) 89 md/jh 1/ 2 #1.
flexibility account under section 298A.2, subsection 2, to 1 implement all or part of the planned innovative curriculum 2 project. 3 d. Approval of an exemption from one or more of the 4 requirements of the educational program specified in subsection 5 5 does not exempt the school district or nonpublic school from 6 federal law or any other requirements of state law that are not 7 specifically exempted by the director. 8 e. Each school district or nonpublic school for which an 9 exemption is approved shall file an annual report with the 10 department on the status of the planned innovative curriculum 11 project on forms and in a format prescribed by the department. 12 f. After expiration of the initial exemption period, the 13 exemption may be renewed for additional periods of years, each 14 not to exceed three years. The director may revoke approval 15 of all or part of any exemption if the annual report or any 16 other information available to the department indicates that 17 conditions no longer warrant use of an exemption or funding 18 from the school district’s flexibility account under section 19 298A.2, subsection 2. Notice of revocation must be provided by 20 the director to the school district or nonpublic school prior 21 to the beginning of the school year for which the exemption is 22 revoked. > 23 2. Page 4, lines 5 and 6, by striking < An approved flexible 24 student and school support program > and inserting < A planned 25 innovative curriculum project for which an exemption was 26 approved > 27 3. By renumbering as necessary. 28 ______________________________ WINCKLER of Scott -2- HF847.1641 (1) 89 md/jh 2/ 2 #2. #3.