House File 813 H-1262 Amend the amendment, H-1240, to House File 813, as follows: 1 1. Page 2, line 8, after < education. > by inserting < A 2 student requiring special education shall not be enrolled in a 3 charter school unless the charter school maintains a special 4 education instructional program which is appropriate to meet 5 the student’s educational needs and the enrollment of the 6 student in the charter school would not cause the size of the 7 class or caseload in that special education instructional 8 program in the charter school to exceed the maximum class size 9 or caseload established pursuant to rules adopted by the state 10 board of education and, if the student would be assigned to a 11 general education class, there is sufficient classroom space 12 for the general education class to which the student would be 13 assigned. > 14 ______________________________ WINCKLER of Scott -1- H1240.1586 (1) 89 md/jh 1/ 1 #1.