House File 756 H-1225 Amend the amendment, H-1219, to House File 756, as follows: 1 1. By striking page 1, line 2, through page 13, line 35, and 2 inserting: 3 < ___. By striking everything after the enacting clause and 4 inserting: 5 < Section 1. NEW SECTION . 724.16B Restrictions on firearms 6 sales. 7 1. A person shall only sell firearms between the hours of 8 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. 9 2. A person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer 10 6 shall sell not more than one firearm per day. 11 3. All sales of firearms shall be conducted in person. 12 However, this section does not prohibit an online sale of 13 firearms to be picked up at the seller’s place of business if 14 the buyer presents a form of identification listed in section 15 49.78, subsection 2, paragraph “a” , for verification of the 16 buyer’s identity and date of birth and provides proof of a 17 background check. 18 Sec. 2. NEW SECTION . 724.33 Gun shows limited —— petition. 19 1. A person planning to hold a gun show shall apply to 20 the department of public safety for approval of the time and 21 location of the gun show. The department shall authorize not 22 more than twenty gun shows to be held in the state in a calendar 23 year. 24 2. A gun show may be held in a city or county at the 25 direction of the department of public safety upon the 26 department’s receipt of a petition signed by not less than 27 one hundred eligible electors residing in the city or county 28 requesting that a gun show be held at a location described in 29 the petition. 30 Sec. 3. NEW SECTION . 724.34 Public registration. 31 The department of public safety shall implement, maintain, 32 and administer, in a uniform and nondiscriminatory manner, 33 a single, uniform, official, centralized, interactive 34 computerized statewide permit registration system that contains 35 -1- H1219.1477 (2) 89 js/rh 1/ 2 #1.
the name and registration information of every person in the 1 state holding an active permit issued under this chapter and 2 assigns a unique identifier to each such person. The statewide 3 permit registration system shall be coordinated with other 4 agency databases within the state, including but not limited to 5 state department of transportation driver’s license records, 6 judicial records of convicted felons and persons declared 7 incompetent to vote, and Iowa department of public health 8 records of deceased persons. 9 Sec. 4. NEW SECTION . 724.35 Permits to acquire and permits 10 to carry —— application deadlines. 11 Applications for permits to acquire pistols or revolvers and 12 permits to carry weapons shall only be accepted on the same 13 dates, at the same times, and subject to the same restrictions 14 as those dates, times, and restrictions set forth in section 15 53.2 for applying for an absentee ballot for a general 16 election. For a year in which a general election does not 17 occur, the dates and times during which a person may apply 18 for a permit to acquire pistols or revolvers or a permit to 19 carry weapons shall be the same as though a general election 20 were occurring on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in 21 November in that year. > 22 ___. Title page, by striking lines 1 and 2 and inserting < An 23 Act relating to firearms, including sales and permitting. >> 24 ______________________________ HUNTER of Polk -2- H1219.1477 (2) 89 js/rh 2/ 2