House File 460 H-1118 Amend House File 460 as follows: 1 1. Page 2, after line 21 by inserting: 2 < e. An electric supplier’s vegetation management activities 3 undertaken pursuant to this subsection shall promote the 4 safety and reliability of electric distribution facilities and 5 electric distribution lines. An electric supplier shall adopt 6 practices that will protect the health of a tree and reduce 7 undesirable regrowth patterns when an electric supplier engages 8 in tree trimming under this subsection. An electric supplier 9 shall determine the cycles and methods of vegetation management 10 using the electric supplier’s best judgment and knowledge of 11 local factors, and the electric supplier’s cycles and methods 12 of vegetation management shall conform with industry practices 13 and the standards included in the Iowa electrical safety code. > 14 2. By renumbering, redesignating, and correcting internal 15 references as necessary. 16 ______________________________ DEYOE of Story -1- HF460.742 (1) 89 jda/rn 1/ 1 #1. #2.