House File 766 S-3251 Amend the amendment, S-3201, to House File 766, as amended, 1 passed, and reprinted by the House, as follows: 2 1. Page 32, after line 21 by inserting: 3 < ___. Of the funds appropriated in this section, the 4 department shall use a sufficient amount to audit all 5 prescription drug benefit claims managed by a pharmacy 6 benefit manager under the Medicaid program. The audit shall 7 address issues including but not limited to transparency of 8 data on pharmacy services, the relationship between pharmacy 9 reimbursement and overall costs to the Medicaid program or 10 spread pricing, any potential conflicts of interest related 11 to a retail pharmacy chain that is affiliated with a pharmacy 12 benefit manager and any reported reductions in pharmacy 13 reimbursements, and the impact of reduction in pharmacy 14 reimbursement on access to care, especially in rural areas. 15 The department shall report the findings and recommendations of 16 the audit to the governor and the general assembly by December 17 15, 2019. > 18 2. By renumbering, redesignating, and correcting internal 19 references as necessary. 20 ______________________________ JOE BOLKCOM -1- S3201.2292 (1) 88 pf/rn 1/ 1 #1. #2.